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Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 50 (Fall 2009) | Timeless Truths Publications

Flames of Fire

Have you ever seen a house burn down? Firefighters are doing a controlled burn down the road. Let’s go watch!

Why are they burning a house? you ask, as we park across the street from a big fire truck. Firefighters are everywhere and so we walk over to ask. “This house wasn’t worth repairing, so we are using it to practice our fire-fighting skills,” one tells us. “A crew of men are inside fighting a test fire right now. They are learning not to panic near smoke and flames.” We watch as smoke begins curling from the eves.

Soon billows of steam and gray smoke pour out of the windows and doors. Can they even see in there? we wonder. I think I’d choke! “That’s why we wear masks and oxygen tanks,” the firefighter explains. “But we never walk into a burning house—the smoke can suffocate you. They’re fighting it from the outside now.”

Look, some flames! you say, excitedly. “It won’t be long now,” the firefighter agrees. A team of firefighters bring a hose and began spraying the flaming wall, while the fire chief calls instructions. We watch as the fire crews keep the outside wet so the inside of the house will burn first. Finally the roof catches fire. Cheers go up as the flames shoot high into the air! The house glows orange like a giant bonfire, then seems to melt as the fire dies down.

That was fun! you say, as we head back home. Yes, fire can be very useful. It can burn up old buildings and trash, kill weed seeds in the fields… And keep us warm in the winter, you add. That’s right. There are many ways we enjoy fire, but we must also remember it is dangerous. How did the firefighters stay safe? They wore protective clothes and stayed away from the flames, you say. Yes, they learned not to be scared of fire, but they didn’t play around with it either.

And that is just what we must learn about God. The Bible says, “our God is a consuming fire.” His love is like the flames we saw today. It destroys the things that are worthless in our lives, and also brings us light and cheer. But what happens if we fool around and don’t listen to God? We will get in trouble, you say. That is because God’s way is right, and He isn’t going to stop doing it. He wants us to trust Him and enjoy the warmth of His love. Like a campfire? you ask. It is so warm and cheerful. Yes. And if we stay close to God, we can share His light and warmth with those around us!