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A Place for Prayer

Do you know that God cares?

Whether our needs are big or small, God wants us to talk to Him and ask for His help. When good things happen, it pleases God that we are thankful. Let’s remember to pray for each other!


Please pray that God will provide me a little milking goat, and that Momma and Poppa will be content to get it.

—Paulina, age 10

Please pray that God will provide us piano and violin teachers.

—Niklanna and Isabella, ages 14 and 12

I really want to get a zip-line (left), but please pray that I will be patient and thankful with whatever we have.

—Elijah, age 8

I shared about having scoliosis (a spinal problem) before, where I have to wear a back brace. It has been a real trial for me. Now I am going to have surgery. The doctors will put metal rods in my back to straighten my backbone. I am nervous, and I know there will be a really long time for recovery. I know God will be with me through this next step of life. He always has been. Please pray for me.

—Hannah, age 11


When I was 5 years old, I was very sick with whooping cough (picture on right). I prayed for God to heal me. I waited a long time, about a month. After a month I was healed!

—Caleb, age 8

Aunt Amanda’s watch got lost. Jesus helped us find it.

—Laderrius, almost 4

Last month my family got real sick and I asked God to heal all our fevers and coughs, and we all got healed quickly!

—Niklanna, age 14

I have a thanksgiving that my sister, Isabella, started to teach me how to play “Come, Thou Fount” on the violin, and that I was content to wait until she was ready to teach me.

—Paulina, age 10

We were driving home from where my Poppa was working. We passed a festival that my Momma said was not good to look at. So I tested myself to see if I would not look that way, and God helped me to not look at it. It was really hard not to look, but I’m thankful I didn’t.

Also, when my grandma and grandpa came, I really didn’t want them to come. Then my Momma went to my friends’ house for a prayer time, and I prayed that I would be content with my grandparents being at our house. And I was.

—Paulina, age 10

Praise the Lord that He gave us a house and it is really nice, and that there is a big barn on our property.

—Niklanna, age 14

I am thankful that Judah (my brother) got a booster, so I got a new carseat.

—Berean, age 2