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On Your Side

Do you sometimes feel mad, like everyone is against you? Guess what. Even if everyone else is trying to give you a hard time (or maybe it just feels like it), there is Someone that always wants you to be happy and do well. God is on your side—He wants you to be a winner. How do we know that? Because He sent Jesus to take our punishment and save us from our sin—those bad attitudes and evil thoughts inside that make you lose everything that’s good. Read Romans 8:31-32. If God sent His Son to die for you, don’t you think He must really care about you? Think about His great loving arms that want to hold you close and take away all your fears. Think about His loving smile when you come to Him and ask for His help.

Yes, God cares. And He is ready to help you do right every time. But does that mean He will help us feel good or do things better than everyone else? Will you really be happy if others lose, like when Daren grabbed the puzzle piece from his brother? Are you winning when you have everything your own way? No, a winner is someone who has the right attitude inside. God knows what is right because He made us and He made everything around us. He knows how it all should work. Sometimes the hardest thing is to give up your own way and realize that God’s way is right. Like cheerfully obeying your parents instead of arguing or getting angry. Or being thankful, instead of complaining. Sharing isn’t easy, but when you do it, God gives you a big blessing.

You see, God designed us to live for Him and be filled up with His love. When we don’t, it’s like we are wearing a leaky boot—all the sloshy mud and water comes right in. It won’t help to kick at other people, because they aren’t the problem. Actually, that will just make us more miserable—more sloshy, muddy feelings will be swirling around inside. The problem is with our own attitude. If we let God repair our attitude (by giving us His love and peace inside), then we won’t be bothered by the problems around us. Just like a good rubber boot keeps the water and mud outside, and your foot dry on the inside. It is the only way to really be happy.