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A Place for Prayer

Do you know that God cares?

Whether our needs are big or small, God wants us to talk to Him and ask for His help. When good things happen, it pleases God that we are thankful. Let’s remember to pray for each other!

Requests and Thanksgivings

Please pray that our kittens will not die.

—Emily, 6

I prayed for many, many years that God would give us a little baby. And now my mom is going to have a baby! We are so excited! Please pray for my mom and the little baby that they will be safe.

—Liesel, 8

My mama cat had two kittens. One is calico and one is gold and black. I found them underneath the barn steps. The calico one is Blaze of Glory. And the gold and black one is Moon Shadow. I’m thankful that she didn’t hide them far away. Please pray that they will not die, because the rest of the kittens did.

—Ellianna, 10

Please pray that my cat will sell for $100.

—Lillian, 9 1/2

I’m very thankful for God’s love and care for me. Recently I was feeling overwhelmed with many needs and I asked God to give me peace and strength, and He did. He also sent some friends and neighbors to bless me in a very special way.

You see, my sister has been very ill and our family was busy taking care of her. We didn’t have much time to take care of cleaning and weeding around our house. Then we had a work party and over 20 people showed up! Soon our house and yard was clean and beautiful again. It was such a blessing! (Learn more about planning a work party.)

—Aunt Laura

I was wanting a bunny and now I got one. His name is Sam. He is friendly and he is a buck. He likes to eat grass. I like to put him in the bunny run. I really like him.

—Bonnie Grace, 6