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A Girl Who Chose Well

Many years ago there was a girl who was thinking about growing up. Kara was only nine, but she had big plans for her life. She wanted to have a lot of fun and do many exciting things. Sometimes, when Kara was busy planning what she wanted to do next, a quiet voice talked to her. “What about God? You know that He made you. You should live for Him.” But Kara had her mind made up. “Of course, I should live for God,” she reasoned, “but first I want to have some fun for myself. When I am a grandma, then I will live for God.”

Weeks and months went by. Kara tried to enjoy her fun and games, but deep inside she wasn’t happy with her choice. The quiet voice kept reminding her that God was the One who had given her life. He was her Heavenly Father and He loved her. “Will you give up your own way and live for Him?” the voice kept asking.

At last Kara realized what she should do. “I’m sorry, God, for wanting my own way more than Your way. I am so glad that You love me and that You sent Jesus to die for me. I want to live for You.” Now Kara had a peaceful, happy feeling inside. She knew that she had made the right choice. “It would be selfish to wait until I am a grandma to live for God,” she told her friends. “I want to live for Him now when I am young, and when I am old, too.”

Kara lived to please her Heavenly Father all her life, just like she told her friends when she was young. But Kara never lived to be a mother or grandma. She only lived to be 32 years old. Her heart was weak and for many years she suffered with asthma, but she learned how to be strong in other ways. Kara spent her time praying for others and thinking of ways to bless them. She loved to do projects and read stories with children. She always had a smile and a hug to share with those around her.

As her body grew weaker, Kara realized that she might die before she was old. At first that made her sad, because she really liked to be with her family and friends. She loved living in the world her Heavenly Father had made. So Kara talked to Him about it. “Father, thinking about leaving this world makes me sad. Please help me, so I can be happy whether I live or die.” Soon Kara was smiling again. “I am happy to think of being with Jesus when I die,” she told her friends. “God reminded me that He made everything that makes me happy in this world, so it will be even better up in heaven where He is!”

When Kara died, she was peaceful. She did not live a long life, but she lived it well. That is because she gave her heart to God when she was young, and didn’t wait until she was a grandma. What about you? Do you know how long your life will be? How are you going to live it?