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When a winter storm blows in, will you have a jolly good time or be cold and blue?

The Choice Is Yours

#1. It is the morning of a school field trip that you have been looking forward to. You wake up and look out of the window. Snow has covered the ground and more is falling!

  • “Now we can’t go on the trip!” you moan, and climb back in bed. Go to #2.
  • “Whoopee!” you shout. “A snow day will be lots of fun!” Go to #9.

#2. A few minutes later your little brother climbs onto your bed. “It’s snowing!” he whispers excitedly.

  • “I know!” you growl, and cover your head with blankets. Go to #3.
  • You sit up and look out of the window with him. Go to #7.

#3. You are finishing breakfast when the power goes out. Dad opens the Bible. “Here is a good verse for today,” he says. “In everything give thanks.” “Well, I’m thankful that Dad set aside water ahead of time,” Mom says. “You can rinse the dishes and just stack them for now.” Soon you are standing by the sink, piled with dirty dishes.

  • You try to think of something to be thankful for while you start rinsing. Go to #19.
  • You look outside at the snow and think about the field trip that is canceled. Go to #4.

#4. Soon the rest of the family has finished their jobs. Dad looks out at the blowing, swirling snow. “It would be better to stay inside right now,” he decides.

  • “No fun!” you mutter. Go to #6.
  • “Can we play a game?” you ask. Go to #5.

#5. “Maybe those that are finished with their work can pick a game to play,” Mom suggests. “Let’s play hide-and-seek!” your little sister shouts. Soon the house is filled with scampering feet as everyone disappears.

  • You hurry faster. Go to #13.
  • “That’s a boring game,” you say. You slowly pour cold water over the dishes. Go to #20.

#6. Mom comes by and sees that you aren’t working. “The timer is set for 20 minutes. If you aren’t finished with rinsing all the dishes by then, that’s okay. I would love to have the basket of clean laundry folded, too!” You know what that means, so you start rinsing dishes. But then everyone begins a game at the kitchen table.

#7. As you talk about snowballs and sledding, suddenly you remember what you have been learning about in school. “We could make an igloo!” you say. “What’s an igloo?” your little brother asks.

  • “An Eskimo house, of course!” you say, rudely. “You don’t know anything!” Go to #8.
  • “A snow house that looks like a cave,” you say. “We can build it together!” Go to #16.

#8. “I do, too!” your brother says, giving you a punch. You yell and soon Dad has to deal with a squabble. “You two seem to need help in getting along. Stay on this couch until you both are smiling. And, by the way, I’m going to get out the sleds as soon as I’ve carried water out to the sheep.”

  • Your brother starts to make faces at you, but you stare glumly at the floor. Go to #10.
  • You decide to make up and be friends quickly. Go to #9.

#9. Before breakfast you bundle up and join Dad getting out the sleds. “The wind is picking up!” he says. “Before anything else, we should fill up some buckets with water just in case the power goes out.”

  • You drag one of the sleds out into the road, “Can’t we make a sled track first?” Go to #11.
  • You hurry to help Dad. Go to #14.

#10. It is breakfast time before you give up and manage a little smile. But then you see that there are eggs on your plate. You don’t like eggs, so you

  • grumble and fuss some more Go to #3.
  • try to eat a few bites, and think about something happier. Go to #12.

#11. Dad doesn’t seem to hear, since he’s gone behind the house. You decide to make a sled track by yourself. You are cold and wet when you come inside and find that the power is already out. “You need to get into dry clothes before you get sick!” Mom says. When you can’t find clean socks, you

  • decide to go barefoot, even though you know Mom wouldn’t like it. Go to #15.
  • ask Mom where more socks are. Go to #17.

#12. “Can we go sledding after breakfast?” you ask. “It is too cold and windy,” Dad says. “I am going to store some water before the power goes out.”

  • “No fair!” you grumble. Go to #14.
  • “I can help,” you offer, and help fill up several pitchers with water. Go to #3.

#13. Soon you are done and join the others playing games. For your game, you choose

  • Memory, and go to the back room to get the game. Go to #18.
  • musical chairs, and offer to play the music. Go to #30.

#14. Sure enough, the power soon goes out and Dad stokes up the fire while everyone does their chores. Your job is rinsing the dishes with a pitcher of cold water. Above the sink you see the sign: “In everything give thanks.”

  • You get busy and whistle “Count Your Blessings” while you work. Go to #21.
  • You stare out at the swirling snow and think about sledding. Go to #6.

#15. Everyone works to get their chores done while Dad stokes up the fire. You are starting to feel cold when your sister notices your bare feet and scolds you. “If you don’t put socks on, you’ll get sick!”

  • “I never get sick!” you argue. Go to #26.
  • You hurry to go find some warm socks and put them on. Go to #21.

#16. You are pulling on warm clothes when Mom stops you. “Before you go out to play, you need to eat and do chores.”

  • You frown and complain about all the work you have to do. Go to #10.
  • “Okay,” you say, and join the family for breakfast. Go to #3.

#17. “Look in the laundry bin on my bed,” she says. “But come right back, because it is cold back there.” You hurry to her room and dump the laundry out to find your socks.

  • You sit down to put them on. Go to #18.
  • You stuff the rest of the laundry back in the bin and hurry to the living room. Go to #21.

#18. Suddenly you notice a library book that Dad had said not to look at.

  • You decide to peak at it. When Mom comes to check on you, you stuff it under the bed. Go to #24.
  • You leave it alone and hurry back to the family. Go to #21.

#19. You have counted five things when your sister comes along. “I’ll help you finish,” she offers. “That’s number six!” you say, and tell her all the things you are thankful for. Soon you are both singing and Mom says, “What cheerful workers we have! Let’s celebrate and play some games!” Go to #13.

#20. Mom comes to check on you. There are still a stack of dishes left, so now you have to fold laundry in the cold bedroom. You can hear Dad building up the fire and talking about fun camping memories. You feel left out.

  • You decide to change your attitude and work quickly. Go to #21.
  • You sit and pout until you feel shivery cold. Go to #24.

#21. Soon you join the family by the fire. “Can we make popcorn in the camp popper?” you ask. “I know where it is!” Dad agrees and helps you get it started. Soon you are all taking turns shaking it over the hot stove.

  • “This is taking forever!” you think, and let it sit on the stove while you look at a book. Go to #23.
  • “Let’s play the alphabet game,” you suggest, while you keep shaking. Go to #22.

#22. At last the popcorn is popping and everyone gathers around to watch. When the popper is full, Dad opens it and pours it into a bowl. Everyone helps to season and taste the popcorn, and soon it is all gone.

  • “Yum! That was good,” you say. Go to #25.
  • “I didn’t get very much,” you complain. Go to #26.

#23. “What’s burning?!” Mom asks, looking around the room. You quickly lift up the popper and find that a bunch of corn kernels are black. “You didn’t shake them like you’re suppose to!” your sister complains. You say,

  • “Guess you can try instead, smarty pants!” Go to #28.
  • “I’m sorry they got burnt. Maybe we can try again.” Go to #22.

#24. “I have a scratchy throat and don’t feel well,” you tell Mom. She bundles you up in warm blankets, but you have to sit out of the fun the rest of the day. THE END.

#25. “Look, the snowstorm has stopped!” your sister says. Dad says it would be a great time to go outside. “I’ll try to make something hot to drink while you are gone,” Mom says. “Remember to bundle up well!” You join the rest in finding warm socks and hats, but your favorite gloves are missing. “Here’s some black ones,” your brother says. They look sort of old.

  • You frown and decide not to wear any. Go to #26.
  • “Thanks,” you say and put them on. Go to #27.

#26. Nobody pays attention to you, but when you go outside to play in the snow you soon get cold. When everyone starts a snowball fight, your fingers feel like ice. Dad notices you shivering and sends you inside. Go to #24.

#27. The snow is deep and fluffy and soon Dad is rolling giant snowballs. “Let’s make a snow fort!” he says, and everyone joins in. The neighbor kids help you make a pile of snowballs. By the time Mom calls everyone in for hot chocolate and sandwiches, you have a fort big enough for three people to hide in. “Maybe we can have a snowball fight after we eat,” you suggest. Go to #33.

#28. Your sister gives you a kick and the popper spills burnt kernels all over the floor. “Now look what you did!” you shout. Just then the neighbor kids knock at the door, asking if you want to play in the snow with them. Dad looks at both of you and says, “If you can clean up this mess together, you can go.”

  • You glare at your sister and wait for her to get the broom. Go to #31.
  • “I’ll get the broom,” you offer, and help get the job done quickly. Go to #27.

#29. The snowball fight ends up being a lot of fun, even though you get a few hard hits. Afterwards you roll enough giant balls together to make an igloo. You are just finishing the entrance when Mom calls everyone in for cookies and hot apple cider. As you all sit around the cozy fire, you sing songs. It has been a great day. THE END.

#30. Everyone is soon having a great time and laughing hysterically! Suddenly Dad notices that the room is getting cold. “We need more wood for the fire,” he says.

  • “I’ll help!” you offer, and go out to get a load from the porch. Go to #21.
  • You run to the back room to get a book to read. Go to #18.

#31. It takes a long time to clean up, and when you go outside the others are already having a snowball fight. Suddenly an icy snowball hits you right in the ear. It really hurts! Your little brother comes up and tries to hit you with another. You start to feel mad, so you

  • scoop up a bunch of snow and throw it in his face. Go to #32.
  • go sit on the porch until you can get calm again. Go to #29.

#32. You get into a snow tussle, and soon your boots are full of snow and your brother is crying. Dad sends you inside. Go to #24.

#33. Everyone hangs their wet mittens and socks by the fire to dry. After lunch your little brother says he doesn’t feel well. Mom tucks him up in a blanket on the couch. “Can you read me a story?” he asks you.

  • “Not now,” you say, and hurry to grab your wet mittens and socks. Go to #26.
  • “Sure!” you agree, and read until your mittens and socks are dry. Go to #29.