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A Child’s Devotions

Girl: Let us read from the Bible. Be strong, and of a good courage… He will not fail thee. Do you know what that means?

Doll: I don’t think so, Mama.

Girl: Well, Be strong is against the devil. Good courage, hmm, courage is like something you have to do even if it’s hard. It’s like—Sister, how do you explain “courage”?

Sister: It is being brave and not afraid of what might happen.

Girl: So it is like this: you will do it and not be afraid. Good courage is not just a little bit, but a lot. He will not fail—well, fail means can’t do it, like that Jesus can’t do something. But He won’t fail, like I can do all things through Christ, which strengtheneth me. See, if I can do all things through Christ, then that means He can do all things. Do you understand it now?

Doll: Yes.

Girl: Now let’s read another verse. Man looketh on the outward appearance—but the Lord looketh on the heart. You see, the outward appearance is like your skin, your hair—what’s on the outside. Now which one is better: man or God?

Doll: God.

Girl: That’s right, God is better. So man looks at the outward things you have, but God looks on the heart. The heart—you know, if you have arrows of the devil in your heart, or if it is all clean and nice, with God’s arrows. It’s like this: maybe there is this ugly person with an int’resting face, but she had a nice clean heart and she prays. Then, there is a person that’s real pretty with nice fingernails and a pretty dress and rings on her fingers, but she has an ol’ dirty heart and arrows of the devil, and doesn’t pray. See? But we want to have God’s arrows to fight for what’s right.

Doll: I want new arrows.

Girl: Well, I will read another verse first, and then we can ask for new arrows.

Doll: But can’t we ask for them first, and then read another verse?

Girl: Okay. Let’s pray.

Doll: Dear Father, help me to obey and be happy, and have a good day, and not be selfish. Amen.

Girl: Dear Father, help me to be cheerful and not be proud, help me do to others as I want them to do to me, and to be kind and loving. Help us have a good day today and be obedient. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Now I will read. The Lord is my shepherd—that means we are like sheep in the field—I shall not want, that is, we won’t want anything because we have everything we need. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures, He leadeth me beside the still waters. See, the green pastures are like green grass that is the best feeding ground and really good. Eating and drinking, well there are two kinds. One is the regular kind, you know, eating potatoes and bread and stuff. But the other kind is spiritual. Like eating of God’s Word, reading and—well, sort of like saving it. And drinking, well, that is the same way.

Doll: Can we get arrows again?

Girl: Yes, but what kind of arrows do you want? Do you want to fight on the devil’s side?

Doll: No.

Girl: Or do you want the love and joy kind of arrows? The devil sends “disobey your parents” kinds of arrows, but Jesus can give us the good kind. We don’t want the bad arrows to stay, but we can have a clean, good heart.

Doll: Dear Father, help me have the good arrows. Help me love others and be kind and not disobey my parents. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Girl: Amen.