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Project, poem, and verse

Sock Darning

It is very useful for both boys and girls to mend their own socks. It is not hard—ask someone big to help you and just see if you can’t learn!

You will need a darning egg, some thread or thin yarn to match the sock, and a needle. Put the egg inside the stocking under the hole or worn place. It is best to mend your socks before the holes show, because holes are much harder to fix. If you have a hole, begin by weaving your thread carefully around it (where the sock is still strong).

Next crisscross the opening with threads, weaving up and down to make a patch. Be sure to keep your stitching smooth and fill in all the weak spots. If the sock is just worn, weave under and over the threads to fill in that spot. Zigzag back and forth, pulling your thread so it is not too loose or too tight. When you are finished, weave the end of your thread into the sock and clip it off.

Now your worn-out stocking is ready to use again!

Do With Your Might

Whatsoe’er you find to do,
Do it, friends, with all your might!
Never be a little true,
Or a little in the right.
Even trifles lead to heaven,
Trifles make the life of man;
So in all things, great or small,
Do the best you can!

—selected from Moral Lessons (see “Dear Reader” note)

A verse to hide in your heart:

“I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”* (Philippians 4:13)