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Was the Devil Ever in Heaven? | Ostis B. Wilson, Jr.

Editor’s Note

This essay examines seven scripture passages, which are commonly believed to teach that the devil was once a holy angel in heaven. It was first published in the Faith and Victory periodical, February 1970 issue, and later in pamphlet form, with some revision by the author. In this edition, we have edited several portions for greater clarity. To this end we have begun with the interpretation of Luke 10, which defines some meanings for the word heaven; and have also placed the analysis of Ezekiel 28 after Isaiah 14, as having similar application, rather than following Revelation 12.

Having examined the subject, and what the author has written in so small a space, we have not deemed it necessary to materially alter any points he has made. We encourage the reader to make a thorough examination of this foundational subject, that you may be yet more vigilant against our adversary, and also rest more fully in the sovereignty of our God.

—The Editor, email