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Again, welcome! We’re pleased to have you as a visitor to this site; after all, it was designed with your benefit in mind. So that you may obtain the most benefit possible, I’d like you to follow along as I show you the features of this site.

First off, let’s study the document navigation bars, immediately above and below. In every document that is divided into sections, this bar will appear—at the top and bottom of the sections. You may click << to go back to the previous page (in this case, it will take you to the table of contents), or >> to the next page. If either of those links become dark, it means you have reached either the beginning or end of the document. For now, let us continue on to the next page by clicking one of the Next Page links, and we’ll talk about other kinds of navigating. (If you hover over the link, a little popup will tell you the title of the next page—in this case it says Next Page | Document Navigation.)