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Document Navigation

Having shown you how to navigate “foward and back” in a document, I’ll now tell about the other navigation options. Every document divided into sections includes a table of contents page—what you saw when you first came to this tutorial, and a “document header,” which is just above the top navigation bar, and has a bunch of information. On the left side is shown the title (which is a link to the table of contents) and author of the document, which here is Basic Navigation by the Timeless Truths Webmaster (that’s me, you know). And on the far right is listed the main subject of the document.

Now back to the navigation bar: on the left side we have a drop-down menu, which is like a compact table of contents. However, in this list we have an extra option: Whole Document. That’s for if you want to see everything on one page, instead of one section at a time.

For now, go back to the table of contents (use the title link in the header to get there quickly), and look at the information in the bar on the left side. Listed there will be:

  • the title
  • an icon representing the document
  • the author (usually followed by the year it was written or published, if known)
  • a link to copyright license or public domain notice
  • the main subject
  • the year we published the text
  • the date the document was last edited
  • and usually an excerpt from the document