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Basic Navigation | Timeless Truths Webmaster

Site Navigation

I’ve told you how to navigate through an individual document; now let’s look at navigating through the main sections of the site.

At the top of each page, running below the Timeless Truths banner, is the site navigation bar, which has tabs to all the main areas of the site.

On the left we have the Library departments: each of those contain categories, and each category contains document items.

On the right are the site user resources. About Us tells some about who we are, and how to contact us. And the Search page includes the directory to all the main resources, departments, and categories on the site. Help is the department you are in now.

Welcome takes you back to the welcome page. Clicking on the Timeless Truths banner at the top of each page will also take you there. On the Welcome page, in the Recent Library Additions panel, are listed the items most recently added to our Library departments, showing the date we published them.