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Link Formatting

I’ll wrap up this tutorial by explaining the color schemes of the links.

It’s rather simple, actually—at least, it’s supposed to be simple. As a rule of thumb, the green-colored class of links are for Library items, and the blue links point to site resources, to match the colors of the page “trimmings.”

Any orange-colored links you find on this site will take you off this site. (After visiting a link, it becomes darker—the orange ones change to maroon.)

Did you notice the asterisk (*) after the scripture quote on the welcome page? Check it out if you haven’t.

Did you note that the scripture quote is dark green? All scripture quotes on this site will be that color. That green-colored asterisk is a link: if you hover over it with your mouse, a text message will pop up, telling what the scripture reference is. Furthermore, if you click the link, it will take you to the passage on the Bible department of the Library, which is the King James Version. All scripture quotes are from the KJV unless otherwise indicated.

Those are the main types of links on this site, and with that, you have completed Basic Navigation. Now go and navigate to your heart’s content, and may God bless you as you explore His timeless truths!

—The Webmaster