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In addition to lyrics, the majority of the music on the site have sheet music available, and we hope, in time, to include a voice recording of as many as possible.

All songs that have sheet music to go with them have the sheet music icon which you can click to view the music.

When you click the title of a song, you are taken to the main page of the song, which displays the song lyrics.

(Note that some of the song collections we have been republishing contain music that is still copyrighted. We have not obtained permission to copy these songs, so we can only list some basic information about them. See Copyrights for more information.)

On the left panel is displayed a bunch of information about the song:

  • title
  • author (followed by the year it was written or published, if known)
  • a link to copyright license or public domain notice
  • the main subject
  • a scripture reference or two associated with the song

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