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A Bit About Browsers

As you probably know, there are many browsers and browser versions in use today. Naturally, with such a diverse group, there’s bound to be compatibility problems. As I don’t have the time to make this site work perfectly on every browser, I’ve settled for trying to make this work almost perfectly on the main ones.

Note that, with a few unavoidable exceptions, this site has been build according to web standards, and should be accessible in all browsers. However, it may not look that nice in sub-standard broswers, and you may want to upgrade if this is the case.

This site has been tested to work with tolerable accuracy of display and function on the following browsers for Windows:

I’ve also been told it works fine on Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.1 for Mac OS 9.

Continuing on in this tutorial, when I refer to a certain browser, such as Internet Explorer, I’ll be referring to the versions that I’ve tested it on.