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Text and Screen Sizes

At this time, the only way to customize the site is with the browser. Which means that, unless you change the settings again, after leaving, many other sites will appear differently as well.

Each browser differs in how it changes the site. Internet Explorer enables you to change the size of certain text. On this site, that text includes all the main text, not including the top or sidebars. In Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator, the text size can be changed by going to View > Text Size (Text Zoom in Netscape Navigator 7.x), and choosing one of the options. The Opera browser, however, doesn’t merely change the text size: by selecting an option in View > Zoom, the entire site will be resized. The downside of this is that, if you want large text, and don’t have a large screen, you will have to scroll horizontally to view everything.

This site was designed to be viewed on a screen optimally set to 800 x 600 or larger. This means that if your screen is set to 800 x 600, the site will nearly fill the browser (when maximized), if you don’t have any sidebars showing. If you have a small screen, such as 640 x 480, the site will compress, and it may not look quite so nice, but you shouldn’t have to scroll horizontally. And there’s a smaller score zoom setting to fit the sheet music on a smaller screen.