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Saving Documents

If you’ve read Basic Navigation, you’ll know about changing to Whole Document mode. Viewing the whole document is useful if you like to read one long text, or for printing or saving the entire document.

To save a document, click File > Save As… in your browser (Save Page As… in Netscape Navigator 7.x and Mozilla Firefox). Depending on the browser, you can save it in different formats. Also, you’ll probably want to name the file something other than the default name the browser chooses. If the browser doesn’t suggest any name (such as in Netscape Navigator 6.x), make sure you add the extension “.htm” or “.html”; otherwise it won’t work when you look at it later. Note that, depending on the browser, and the options you chose when you saved it, the pictures and links may or may not work correctly.

Other than directly saving a document with the browser, you can also select any of the text and copy it to your word processor.