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Searching Documents

Our full library search is currently powered by Google, and you should usually be able to find what you’re looking for if we have it. It is not quite complete, however, as Google does not search the entire site, and doesn’t always include the most recent items.

Optionally, you can use your browser search function to find something in a document. Navigate to the document you would like to search, and switch to Whole Document mode. Then go to Edit > Find… (or Find on This Page…, depending on the browser)—or press Ctrl+F—and enter the text you’d like to search for.

We currently have our own search engine enabled for our Bible and Music departments. This may be found on the left panel of our Search page, below the Google search. It’s not very advanced, but should be able to help you quickly find what you’re looking for. Note that this search will find any matches within words: if you search for way, you will get results such as always or sway. To look for an exact phrase, put quotes around it. In music queries, you can restrict the search to titles by using the title: keyword.

Sample Bible queries:

Sample Music queries: