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Foundation Truth, Number 30 (Summer 2012) | Timeless Truths Publications

How Great Is Your God?

Do you find yourself weighed by discouragement, stressed by circumstances, fearful of failure, or critical of others? Then your idea of “God” is not great enough. It has been said that no one rises higher than their image of God. Do you want to go higher? Soar in the sunlight above every cloud? Rejoice always? Dwell in the peace that passes understanding? Then acquaint yourself fully with the God of the Bible.

Don’t stand on the outskirts or wade around the edge. Joy and peace don’t come to the wary and unbelieving, because God is not known by the reasoning mind. He is all-consuming and infinitely more than we can ever comprehend. Yet He has made it possible for us to know Him personally and intimately, by that simple heart-clasp called “faith.”

“Acquaint now thyself with him, and be at peace: thereby good shall come unto thee.”* (Job 22:21) Do you know the God that is good? Have you thought on His holiness recently? Are you trusting in His love and purposes right now? Are you embracing His promises as your own? Is He a God of light to you, where no darkness can stand in His presence? To hold any other image in our heart does more than limit the Almighty. It is offensive to His character and degrading of His holiness and should be called for what it is—idolatry.

If God is all that He has revealed Himself to be—through His creation, His Word, and His Son—then it is serious to underestimate Him. It will be to our eternal loss. Dear one, let us seek to know God as He is. Not by some affiliation or discipline, but in the depth of our innermost being. Because you need Him. Because He created you for Himself. Jesus said, “Abide in Me and I in you.”* (John 15:4) Can it get more personal than that? Seek to know God today and experience His power and glory for yourself.