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Foundation Truth, Number 5 (Spring/Summer 2001) | Timeless Truths Publications

Getting Out of the Arm Chair

Precious Sisters,

Thank you, first of all, to all who make this magazine possible. What a blessing to see other young ladies who are also “marching to the beat of a different drum” and pressing on with joy in the Christian life. The Lord has done so very much for me. I thought I would write and share a little of His great mercies in my life.

Glory, I am saved! It brings a thrill to my soul. There is no deeper, richer, fuller life than being a Christian. Amen! Hot tears well up in my eyes as I think of His lovingkindness in my life. Truly God has blessed me with so much godly teaching and training. I pause. Could it be because I am raised with so many blessed opportunities that He expects from me more than a half-way, wishy-wishy, hit-miss commitment to Him? Could it be that, you and I who have received teaching on the normal Christian life as young people, have the privilege of living a totally dedicated life to God? Could it be?! Yes, it could be! And it is so, hallelujah! Let us rejoice in our Father in Heaven, girls, and run strong after Him in our youthful days. It excites me to think of what He has in store for each of us.

Praise God, the Christian life does not end at just being saved. It is just the beginning! And what an adventure the Christian life is! Right now I am in the middle of learning many lessons from God. I am in a school with God as my teacher. The biggest lesson the Lord has been patiently teaching me can be summed up in one word: others.

It is a pitiful life to be wrapped up in me, me, me. What an abundant life it is to live for others, to bleed for others, to cry for others, to die for others! There are many opportunities all around us to minister to the needs of others, if we would just open the eyes of our hearts. There are so many hurting people in the world! Let us show them Jesus in our kind words and loving deeds.

Christ bled for others. Do I bleed for others? Not the final shedding of literal blood which leads to death, but the bleeding for lost souls and lukewarm Christians around us every day. The Gospel for the broken-hearted is made possible by bleeding hearts. Christ bled, but how many of us have even shed a single salty tear for one who is falling away from the faith or has never even heard of the Good News? “St. Catherine’s prayers were red with sacrifice, and she felt the touch of the pierced Hands.” Are my prayers red with sacrifice? “We must bleed, if we would be ministers of the Saving Blood.”

A preacher once paraphrased a few verses in 1 John like this, “Beloved, let us live for others: for living for others is of God; and everyone that lives for others is born of God, and knoweth God. He that lives not for others knoweth not God: for God lives for others.” It made a huge impact on me. Love is living for others! It is laying down my plans, wishes, and rights for others. God is our perfect example in this. Oh, let us exalt Him!

My desire is to be some fatty meat on the word “love.” What rich blessings there are in living for others. It isn’t always easy, but there is joy in obeying God, doing His work. Just the other day, I was tested on my commitment to live for others. I moaned as I began to see what I was expected to do. It was not in my comfort zones. The Lord taught me an important lesson that day. If I desire to follow Him, I cannot expect to stay in my little sphere of comfort. My comfort zones must be broken if I am to live for other people. It requires a lot more than a sedate “arm chair trust.” It is a reckless abandon to God, knowing He will move and work as He sees fit.

Here is a poem which has ministered to my heart as I am continually taken out of my snug and secure life… for others:


Though the rain may fall and the wind be blowing,
And cold and chill is the wintry blast;
Though the cloudy sky is still cloudier growing,
And dead leaves tell that the summer has passed,
Yet my face I hold to the stormy heaven,
My heart as calm as a summer sea;
I am glad to receive what my God hath given,
Whate’er it be.

When I feel the cold, I can say, “He sends it,”
His wind blows blessing I surely know;
For I’ve ne’er a want but that He attends it;
My heart beats warm, though the winds may blow;
The soft, sweet summer was warm and glowing,
So bright were the blossoms on every bough;
I trusted Him when the roses were blowing—
I trust Him now.

Oh, small were my faith should it weakly falter,
When now the roses have ceased to blow;
And frail were the trust that now should alter,
To doubt His love when the storm clouds grow;
If I trust Him once I must trust Him ever—
His way is best, though I stand or fall;
Through wind or storm He will leave me never,
For He sends all.

Yes, God has done so very much for me. It is so sweet to trust in Him with my whole life. He will never leave us nor forsake us. May He bless you all, sisters, as you trust Him without reserve and serve others in a self-forgetful way. Amen.

His Servant,
Lauren Elizabeth Mong
Kingwood, WV