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Foundation Truth, Number 5 (Spring/Summer 2001) | Timeless Truths Publications

Have you a Friend whose wondrous grace
Lights up with joy the darkest place,
Who to the end will still prove true?

“Tell What the Lord Has Done for You!”*

If the Lord has done something for you, will you not share it with us? We hope to read your testimony soon!

Oh, tell what He’s done for you,
Of His love, so strong and true,
Oh, tell, what He’s done, what He’s done for you,
Others may need Him, too.

Dear Abigail,

Just a note to say thank you very much for sending that whole songbook to me! It was a very pleasant surprise. I was really puzzled at first as to why a songbook was being sent to me. But thank you so much! It is rather unexpected to receive a songbook when one has only asked for a few copies of music but thanks very much. I’ve been looking through it and most of the songs I don’t know because my church doesn’t use this songbook, but I really look forward to learning some new songs, and being able to put a tune to the very meaningful words.

Of course, I don’t mind at the way it looks! I had some book binding tape and put that on the spine so I think the songbook is going to last me a few years more. Or it might not, considering the fact that so many of us in my family love to play the piano and sing hymns. It will be handled and used quite a lot, I think. There are four of us girls in my family, aged 13, 15, 17, and 19, and all of us are excited about this and they all send their love and says thanks a lot for sending it all the way here! To mention a little about Foundation Truth, before I end here, I really enjoy it a lot, especially the Maidens of Virtue and Honor section. Princess in Calico is really nice and I look forward to it’s continuation in each issue. I really appreciate the discussion on make-up and jewelry. Because it has been my family and church’s conviction not to wear any make-up/jewelry, I have never done so in my life and have taken it just a thing I don’t do; but it has been good to realize anew the reason behind each conviction I have, and to read about other girls’ similar convictions and their reasons and basis behind that. I also find the articles by C. E. Orr that have been printed, very edifying.

I guess I’m running out of space here. Thank you very much once again for the songbook!

Republic of Singapore

Dear Georgia,

Thank you for your sweet letter—we’re glad the songbook was an encouragement to you! It is important, as you mentioned, that we do indeed know our convictions from God. Having a family conviction or what the church teaches is not enough—we must know first-hand straight from God for ourselves! To be sure, isn’t it wonderful that we have a very willing teacher? God give us courage and grace to keep seeking Him who has all the answers.

Love in Christ,

Dear Abigail,

Many greetings in the name of our precious Lord, Jesus Christ! It was with great interest and suspense I read your article on courtship, etc. I was much intrigued and pleased with your conclusion. Since we left ——, I had not given those things much thought any more. It sickened me so much to think of how much we had played God, thinking we needed to control every aspect of everybody’s life, that the thought of putting God or anything or anybody else in a box becomes more distasteful to me every day. Your conclusion on this extremely important subject was like a breath of fresh air to me. Truly it is this simplicity in Christ that we need to return to, not just in this but in every area of life. This is the very simple truth God has been working to help me to see and understand this last year. It’s very humbling, freeing-up, and exciting to begin to understand that we can safely rest, blindly trusting in the mighty arms of Jesus. I read of a quote by Abe Lincoln: “I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go.” It’s very precious to me to have this conviction also. And I believe that’s where God wants to have us, and He brings circumstances about that will bring us to that place not just with head-knowledge, but in truth and reality.

I have heard so many people talk about trusting God, keeping our focus on Christ, etc., but in reality are doing differently. Which brings me to the conclusion that perhaps this is going to be one of, if not the greatest challenge we are faced with in our life: to keep Christ our focus, in spirit and in truth. It’s so easy to get focused on other seemingly legitimate things. I appreciate the mercy of God in taking me through His school, where He’s teaching me blind faith, day by day. Trusting Him to bring our children through safely, not caring what tomorrow may bring and trying to figure out how we’ll handle this or that, but knowing that He’ll give direction every step of the way. Hallelujah, what a Savior! How safe for you young people! Pray for us, that we’d know how to trust and lean on Him only, and to wait even when the waiting is wearying. Be encouraged as you work for God. I trust that your article is an encouragement to many a hungry and weary soul.

It was so good to meet and get to know you and your family. May God bless and encourage you all richly. Many sincere greetings in Christ to your parents and sister also.

Your sister in Christ,
Mrs. Cornelia Kauenhowen
Manitoba, Canada

Hello Maidens of Virtue and Honor,

My Name is Sarah Lis (Elisabeth) McWhorter. I am 13 and have a big family. I have 3 brothers and 4 sisters. I live in Salem, Oregon….

I am thankful for what the Lord has done for me. He has called me to be a missionary…. I have taken a special interest in Japan and I want to learn the Japanese language for my high-school credit. Every day I am learning more about Jesus. I think my favorite book (beside the Bible) is Hinds’ Feet on High Places by Hannah Hurnard. It has taught me many things. I am thankful for the way the Lord has helped me, answered my prayers and I am also thankful for what He is going to do. I have appreciated this magazine and I hope to see you all in heaven!

Sarah McWhorter