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Foundation Truth, Number 6 (Spring 2002) | Timeless Truths Publications

Book Reviews

Only a Servant

Kristina Roy

Just when farmer Ondrasik needed help most and had no idea where to find someone, there came to his house a man, uninvited and unexpected.

[Kristina Roy; Only a Servant, “The New Servant”]

Thus begins a story of a young man who was “only a servant.” Who was he, anyway? Why was he always doing good things for everybody? Why, he even took a kind interest in old David, the Jew, who lived in a little hut against the fence of a neighbor’s property. In the two years that this young man lives in the community, he lives such a life and bears such an influence that the women say, “Everyone who has aught to do with the servant of Ondrasik is being changed.”

This story of a servant of Christ on a mission is wholesome, inspiring reading for the whole family. It is a story of the power of God, shining through the life of one of his humble children.

The Broken Hearth

William J. Bennett

A book about the moral collapse of the American family which includes a historical perspective of the family in western civilization. It examines the roles of the welfare system, homosexuality, and divorce in America.

Almost every reader of this book has either been divorced or knows a family member or friend who has been divorced. And yet almost every reader of this book over the age of fifty can also remember a time when divorce was not only rare but was regarded as a catastrophic event.

[William J. Bennet; The Broken Hearth, pp. 141-142]

This author deplores the effects of divorce all around us, and he asks the most important question, “How do we extricate ourselves?” We would to God that everyone was asking this question and was deeply concerned about the prevalence of this sin. “Ponder the path of thy feet, and let all thy ways be established.”* (Proverbs 4:26)