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Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 2 (August 1999) | Timeless Truths Publications

God Loved Him

Once there was a little boy who had no one to love him. His Daddy was not there to love him. His Mother had listened to the devil. The devil does not love anybody, so of course the little boy’s mother did not love him. She did not even want him, so she left him at a place called the poorhouse where many other children did not have someone to love them. But even though no one loved the little boy, God loved him. God wanted him, and He helped the little boy want to do right. God always does what is right, and He wants us to love to do right, too.

Edwin (for that was the little boy’s name) had a hard time. The other children were mean to him. They took his food and his toys. They hit him and were not fair to him.

But Edwin wanted to do the right thing. He was still kind to the mean children. He let them take his toys and have the best food, for it was good to do the right thing. But Edwin did not know about God, and he did not know that God loved him.

A kind lady came to the place where Edwin lived. She taught him to say the words, “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep.” Edwin liked to say these words, because it made him happy. But he did not know that this was a prayer, and that he was talking to God.

After awhile Edwin’s mother took him from the poorhouse to live with her, but she still did not love him. She was mean to him and did not teach him anything. Still, Edwin tried to do what was right. When he was given food for the dog and himself, Edwin shared the food with the dog. He tried very hard to be fair with the dog even though he was very hungry.

There was a kind Mother and Daddy who lived in the next house. They helped Edwin and told him many good things. But they did not know God, so they could not tell him about God.

Still, God’s eyes were watching Edwin. He protected Edwin from many dangers which could have hurt him badly.

Edwin grew to be big. Finally, he found out who God was. Edwin lived for God and loved Him. When he became a daddy, he loved his boys and girls, for he loved to do what was right.

You can read a book about Edwin. It is called The Poorhouse Waif, and it is a true story. It tells how God took care of Edwin.

God will take care of you, too. He will help you to do the right thing if you ask Him. Will you ask God to help you? Do you want to do the right thing?

God’s eyes are watching you, too. They are watching you all the time: when you are awake and when you are asleep. God wants you to do what is right all the time, for He is sad if you do wrong.