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Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 2 (August 1999) | Timeless Truths Publications

Letter to a Little Princess

My dear girls,

How is your gown of obedience looking? I hope it is a beautiful dress, with not a black stitch in it. How would you like to make it more beautiful by adding to it sparkling pearls, rubies, and diamonds? Our King Jesus delights in giving jewels to His daughters, but they are not the kind that you can buy in the store. In fact, He doesn’t even like those kind of jewels at all. He gives us more beautiful and better jewels than any kind you can buy. Would you like to get some of them to adorn your golden dress of obedience?

Let’s start with one of the best jewels you could possibly have. It is called charity, or love, and King Jesus said it was the loveliest thing His princess could ever have on.

It is a simple jewel, pure white, without a blemish and goes upon the head, like a shining crown.

How can we get this wonderful jewel? There is only one way. We must go to our Father, King Jesus, and plead for the jewel of love. He will give it to us, for He said He would.

It is a wonderful thing to have the jewel of love. The jewel of love will help us to do the dishes for Mama when she is tired, or be kind to our little sister when she gets into our things.

Once there was a Princess Precious who had asked King Jesus if she might have the jewel of love, and He had given it to her. Then one day, little sister Joy was playing with her china tea set. It was a very nice china tea set with little tiny rosebuds painted on the sides of the cups. Princess Precious had told Joy to be very, very careful… and then she left the room to sweep the floor for Mama. The next thing she knew there was a loud crash, and all that was left of the tea set were broken pieces, with little Joy crying in the middle. Princess Precious felt like crying too. Why did Joy have to be so careless? Then, just as impatience and anger towards her little sister began to creep in her thoughts, King Jesus whispered, “Precious, take the jewel of love that I have for you, and you will love your sister, even though she has done this.” And Princess Precious did lift up her hands for the gift of love that King Jesus had given her. She brushed Joy off gently, and spoke gentle, loving words, that spilled over from her crown of love.

Are you the Princess Precious? I hope so, for each one of you are certainly precious in your Heavenly Father’s sight and may act just as sweetly as Princess Precious if you seek your Father’s free gift of the jewel love.

With love in Jesus,
Aunt Grace