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Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 2 (August 1999) | Timeless Truths Publications

Something You Can Do

Summer is here in the northern hemisphere, and the days are hot and sunny. Do you know what you can do? You can make lemonade!

Here is a good recipe that we like to make for a cool drink on hot days. You can make it all by yourself.


This is what you will need:

  • a 2-quart pitcher
  • a 1/3 measuring cup
  • a long, stirring spoon
  • white sugar or honey (if you use honey, melt it first)
  • lemon juice
  • cool drinking water
  • Read all the directions before you start.
  • Use the 1/3 cup. Measure out two flat-topped scoops of sugar (or honey). Pour into the pitcher.
  • Now use the 1/3 cup and fill it with lemon juice. So it won’t spill on the counter, hold the cup over the pitcher while you pour in the lemon juice. Now pour the lemon juice into the pitcher.
  • Fill the pitcher half-full of water and stir with the spoon. Keep stirring until the sugar disappears.
  • Now fill the pitcher almost to the top with water. This time stir it very gently a few times. Be careful not to spill!
  • Your Lemonade is done! Fill up some tall glasses and serve them to all the hard workers in your home.
  • Every good worker should clean up the mess afterwards. Before leaving the kitchen put everything away and clean off the counter.

Note: If your family likes the lemonade very cold, make this recipe early in the morning and then put the pitcher in the refrigerator until you serve it.

Save Your Favorite Recipes!

If there are any foods that you especially like, this is a good time to start collecting recipes. Maybe your grandma, your aunt, or your mom makes something you really like. Ask them nicely to write down the recipe for you. Decide whether you want a recipe book or a card file, then ask someone to help you get started. This is a good idea for girls and boys, because we all enjoy delicious food!