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Each of us face trials and temptations every day. Are you going to ask Jesus for help today, or try to do things with your own strength?

The Choice Is Yours

#1. You just woke up, and it is time for devotions. After prayer Dad opens his Bible to 1 Thessalonians.

  • What a long word, you think. I can’t wait until we go to Grandpa’s today. Go to #11.
  • You listen as he reads from chapter 5. Go to #18.

#2. You’re feeling so grumpy that, when your sister offers to help you with your work, you say, “Leave me alone.” When you try to vacuum, it spits dirt. Go to #10.

#3. You say, “Yes, Mom,” and get back to work. At last the job is done and you are pleased with yourself. It is time to set the table for lunch. Go to #14.

#4. When you are practicing your recital piece, your big brother says, “You’re playing it all wrong! Listen to how I do it.”

  • “I can never do it right!” you wail. Go to #23.
  • You manage to smile and say, “Thank you for helping. I’ll try to do it right.” Go to #32.

#5. You ask the Lord to help you. Then you remember your memory verse: “Overcome evil with good.”* (Romans 12:21) You decide to try your best to make others happy today. Go to #17.

#6. The cat is hungry, but when you are bringing the food she gets in the way and you trip, spilling all of it.

  • If you are thinking about the Bible verse, go to #22.
  • If not, go to #15.
  • #7. The rest of the day is full of problems and frowns from you. What a sad record and a sad ending! THE END.

#8. “Oh, these are from my mother’s family!” Mom says, excitedly. She tucks them away and everyone finishes cleaning up. Suddenly Mom surprises you by saying, “Grandpa called and said everyone is invited over for ice-cream this evening. We’re going to look at the pictures and letters, too. I’m so thankful you found them.” Aren’t you? THE END.

#9. Your mind is on the new pony at Grandpa’s place when Mom says, “The lawn needs to be mowed and weeded.” You get the weeding job. You think:

  • Wish we had a pony to eat the grass. Go to #28.
  • I always get the hardest jobs! Go to #13.

#10. When you go to complain to Mom, she looks tired. “I’m sorry, but we need you to help anyway. There are so many things still to do,” she says.

  • You feel ashamed for being so cross. Go to #33.
  • You try to slip away before she gives you some more work. Go to #7.

#11. Finally devotions are over and it is time for breakfast. Your sister reaches for the cereal and tips your cup of juice into your lap.

  • “Try to be more careful, please!” you say. Go to #9.
  • “Watch out, you Slopper Topper!” you yell. Go to #25.

#12. “Can’t never wins,” Mom says. “Don’t quit before you have begun!” She helps you get started and then goes to kitchen.

  • You work as fast as you can. Go to #14.
  • You think about the pony cart you want to make. Go to #28.

#13. You know you aren’t having a good attitude, but you just don’t feel cheerful. What can you do?

#14. After lunch, Mom says that plans have changed and you can’t go to Grandpa’s that afternoon. You ask

#15. “Ow!” you yell, and kick at the cat. Your hand is skinned and you go inside to bandage it. The day doesn’t seem like a good one. Go to #29.

#16. “Mom, can I go down to the building site?” you ask. “I want to see if they have wood I could use for a project.” Mom says you have to finish your work first.

  • If you have prayed for help, go to #3.
  • If you have been trying on your own, go to #27.

#17. After you get the outside work done, you make Mom a bouquet of flowers. “How sweet!” she says. “If you can get your math done, you can help set the table.” It is multiplication and you don’t like it.

  • You determine to do your best. Go to #32.
  • “I can’t do it. It is too hard,” you say. Go to #12.

#18. “In every thing give thanks,”* (1 Thessalonians 5:18) Dad reads. He talks about being thankful all the time. You pray to be cheerful and obey. Go to #6.

#19. By evening the garage is cleaned up and Dad can park the car in it again. You get to run in the sprinkler to cool off and Mom serves out smoothies. Everyone is thankful for a good day. THE END.

#20. You forgot all about wearing a helmet. When a police car pulls up you are so surprised you ride off the curb and crash. The policeman takes you home with a twisted ankle and scraped up legs. Go to #26.

#21. Mom says you can, but when you ask your brother to help, he says you should get a pattern first. You ride down to the library together to find a book. Go to #31.

#22. “I’m glad I didn’t step on you, poor kitty,” you say, and pet her. You clean up quickly and begin your music practice. Go to #4.

#23. “You need to buckle down and apply yourself,” Big Brother says. You ignore him and find your chance to slip away to your bike. You think:

  • I’ll go to the post office and get the mail. Go to #20.
  • I wish we could go to Grandpa’s now. Go to #2.

#24. You decide to go for a bike ride down to the library. I won’t be gone long, and no one will miss me, you think, and hop on your brother’s bike. Go to #20.

#25. Your sister cries and Mom frowns. “That wasn’t kind. Now go clean up,” she says.

  • “Sorry,” you say, and head out to do chores. Go to #6.
  • You glare at your sister and stomp off. Go to #13.

#26. “No trip to Grandpa’s for you,” Mom says grimly. You’re laid up on the sofa for the rest of the day. THE END.

#27. “I’ll never get finished in time!” you pout. Mom doesn’t look pleased, and you don’t feel happy. Go to #7.

#28. As you slowly work, you think of a way you might get a pony. Maybe if I had a cart I could give rides or do work with it. Then I could pay for its food, you think.

  • You decide to talk to Mom about it. Go to #16.
  • You finish working and keep planning. Go to #14.
  • You decide to ride down to building site at the corner to see if they have any wood you could use. Go to #20.

#29. “Are your chores done and have you finished your music practice?” Mom asks. You have forgotten all about it, feeling sorry for yourself. You say:

  • “No, but I’ll do it now.” Go to #4.
  • “I don’t want to practice today.” Go to #23.

#30. Mom puts you to work clearing off shelves and scrubbing them with your sister. Under a pile of rags you find a locked box. Your sister finds the key. Inside are old pictures and letters.

#31. Big Brother treats you out to an ice cream cone and you have a good time together. THE END

#32. When you try your best, it works out better. As you put away your books, you hear Mom say, “I think that will be fine. We should work on cleaning out the garage this afternoon anyway.” You think:

  • We’re not going to Grandpa’s! Go to #2.
  • Cleaning out the garage? Maybe we can go in the sprinkler afterwards to cool off! Go to #30.
  • Cleaning out the garage! Oh, no! Go to #10.

#33. “I’m sorry,” you say. “Let’s pray for help to do our best,” Mom says with a smile. You do and feel much better. Go to #19.