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Letter to a Little Princess

My dear girls,

Patience is a lovely jewel. Sadly, very few girls have this rare jewel to adorn themselves.

The other day I was watching a little girl play doll house. She was having much fun when her little sister came toddling in. The baby reached up and touched a doll lying beside the little house. Suddenly the little girl grabbed the doll, pushed her little sister on the floor and said, “NO, baby.” Then she saw that the doll her little sister wanted was one that she could play with, so she pushed it into her face and went on playing with her own things.

Is that not an ugly picture? If only the little girl had had some of the treasure called patience. The jewel of patience makes princesses very gentle and cheerful when things don’t go the way they want. They do not grab, or act before thinking, and they never push others around when they have patience.

What is patience like? It is not like the golden dress of obedience, where everyone can tell if a princess is wearing one. It is not like the crown of love that glows on the princess’ head. Patience is a very small jewel, and the only place it fits is right in your heart. There cannot be any patience that shows on the outside; it must be on the inside first. Then, as your patience jewel grows, it can be seen on your face and in your hands. It is what makes a beautiful, fine Princess. There are not very many fine Princesses. Most of them are simple princesses, that are lovely, but still not nearly as lovely as they could be. This is because they do not have the jewel of patience ever growing from the corners of their hearts. Do you want to be just a princess or a fine Princess?

Remember, to have patience, it starts in your heart. Get on your knees and ask your Father, King Jesus, for some patience, even if you don’t feel that you need it right now. (It has to grow awhile once it gets in your heart.) How does patience grow? Well, it takes lots of prayer, lots of reading Bible stories, lots of singing songs to the Lord, and then it takes times of testing. What is a test? Well, it is like the story of the little girl playing doll house. That was a test that King Jesus gave her to see if she would use her jewel of patience. Did she pass the test? What do you think? Are you going to pass the test King Jesus gives to you?

Remember, King Jesus will give you just what you ask. If you ask for a little bit of patience, He will give you just a little bit. If you ask for a lot, He will give you a lot. Sometimes it takes a lot of patience in our hearts to pass the tests King Jesus gives to us. So always ask for a lot, and patience in your heart will never die.

Aunt Grace