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Whose Servant Are You?

“Being then made free from sin, ye became the servants of righteousness.”* (Romans 6:18)

In the story, Daniel and Rosie pretended to be servants of a king while they worked, but do you know that you can be a servant of a real King? This King rules the whole world and can see everyone. He is very loving and kind, but, like Daniel and Rosie’s king, He doesn’t like one speck of sin and dirtiness in our lives.

Now, there is also an Enemy that wants us to be his servants, too. He is a very different kind of ruler—he likes to trick people and tell them that his kingdom is fun and good, but then he locks them up in dark prisons. The Enemy doesn’t like anything that is good and right. He wants to ruin people’s lives and fill them with black sins.

From the beginning of time, the King of Right and the Enemy of Right have been fighting a great war. It is our choice to decide which side we will be on. Will you be the servant of the Enemy or of the King? Which one do you obey?

The Enemy tells you to do wrong things, but he likes to pretend they aren’t so very wrong. He wants you to tell lies, to say bad words, to hit and fight, and to disobey your parents. The Enemy is glad when you have a bad attitude and say mean things. When you do these things, you are his servant—locked up in his dirty black castle. But how can you get free?

Since everyone was being locked up in the Enemy’s castle, the King sent His Son, called the Prince of Love, to set them free. Because the Prince of Love is stronger than the Enemy, He can set you free, if you ask Him. But you have to be sick and tired of having your own way and being mean and selfish. You have to be very, very sorry for all the wrong you have done, and really want to serve the King instead of the Enemy. Then the Prince of Love can set you free.

If you serve the King, you will find that His ways are good and He always tells the truth. He teaches His servants how to live right in His beautiful, clean castle. He shows them how to speak sweetly and be gentle and kind, like He is. His servants learn how to work cheerfully and obey. The King also shows them how to watch out for the Enemy, and to fight him when he comes along. In the King’s castle everyone is happy.

The Bible is the King’s letter to us. In it, He tells us many things about His kingdom and how His servants should live. He loves us very much, and He wants us to love Him, too. Will you be His servant?

When we are the King’s servants, we can ask Him for anything we need. If you are tired or feeling grouchy, you can ask the King to help you do your work cheerfully. He is always happy to help us and wants us to go to Him. Every morning, go before the King’s throne to ask Him for help and talk to Him. He likes to hear us tell Him when we are sad, or excited, or happy. The Enemy wants us to forget that the King loves us and has promised to take care of all His servants, but don’t listen to him. Trust and obey your King, and you will find that a servant is the happiest person there is!