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Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 35 (April 2005) | Timeless Truths Publications

God Knows

When things go wrong and the problems seem like mountains, remember this: God knows. When you feel like complaining, or you are lonely or afraid, God knows. He knows all about you and watches you. And just like Rosie found out in the story, He wants to help you and bless you when you ask.

Have you ever asked your parents for something? I am sure you have. If they are good parents, they will be glad to give you what you ask for—if it is best for you. You might ask for a pair of boots so that you won’t ruin your good shoes in the mud. If they can, won’t they be glad to give you what you need? But if you ask for a second serving of ice cream, they may decide that you had enough and say “no.” Your parents may want to give you all that you ask for, but they must also decide what would help you or hurt you. That is their job in taking care of you.

When we become children of God, we have the privilege of asking Him for what we need. He has no limits to what He can give or do. He can stop the rain or make the blind eyes to see. He sees our little problems—like the splinter in your toe or the difficult math problem—and cares about them as much as our big problems. When we ask our heavenly Father for things, He knows just what we need and knows what is best to give us. Whatever happens today, remember that He is near to listen and wants to answer your requests. Will you ask? Remember, God knows.