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Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 35 (April 2005) | Timeless Truths Publications

What Is the Weather Today?

Do you wish for a sunny day? Most of us enjoy sunshine, but sometimes we miss the freshness and greenness that rain brings. And sometimes it is the power of the storm that we enjoy best. What will the weather be today? Let’s go outside and see.

Look at the sky. Is it clear and blue, or do you see clouds? Clouds help us know what weather may come today. Maybe they are high wispy clouds like flowing horse tails. Those are cirrus, and they tell us that the weather is fair now—but might not be in a few days. But what about the cotton ball clouds? The high ones that cover the sky like scales are cirrocumulus. The weather may be a bit “fishy” soon. When the sky looks smooth and whitish and the sun looks pale, high altostratus clouds say that it may rain in the next day.

The lower and darker the clouds, the more likely it is to rain. Nimbostratus are flat rain clouds that bring rain that lasts all day. Cumulonimbus are tall rain clouds that bring short showers. If you notice cold gusts of wind, and the clouds growing like giant cauliflowers, a thunderstorm may soon come. It is best to stay indoors when the lightning flashes and the thunder rumbles. Thunderstorms don’t last long, but they can bring hard hailstones or pouring rain.

Whatever weather comes today, we can be glad God sent it. He knows what is best for us. Sometimes we need the sunshine. Sometimes we need the rain. Only one kind would not be good for us, just like only having dessert or playing all day is not good for us. Aren’t you glad that God controls the weather?