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Good Reading and Games

A good book you might enjoy is called

A Hive of Busy Bees

by Effie M. Williams

In the story, Joyce and Don learn many lessons as they spend the summer at their grandparents’ farm. They soon discover the bee hive in the back orchard, which results in many “bee” stories with Grandma.

The book may be obtained from our Online Library, or from:

Rod and Staff Publishers, Inc.
Crockett, Kentucky 41413

Bible Charades

is a fun game you might like playing with your family.

First divide up into two teams. One team goes out of the room and agrees together on a Bible story to act out. When they come back, they act it out for the other group to guess. No sounds can be made while you are acting. After they have guessed the right Bible story, it is the next group’s turn.