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Project, poem, and verse

Finding Animal Tracks

Winter is a good time to look for tracks of wild animals. If you don’t live where it snows, try studying muddy places in the woods or by ponds and streams. It is fun to discover what kinds of wild creatures live near you, even if you never see them. God made many interesting creatures for us to enjoy, so wrap up warm and go on a winter hunt with your family!

Each animal has its own track. A good track guide* is helpful to use when you are looking at prints and tracks. Often there will be other clues to help you. Are there pieces of chewed nut shell? A squirrel lives nearby. Do the tracks lead to a garbage can? A raccoon probably came by in the night. So keep your eyes open and you will be surprised how many things you can find.

* Two helpful books are:

  • Track Finder, by Dorcas S. Miller

    For a catalog of nature guides write:

    Box 10489
    Rochester, N.Y. 14610

  • Fall and Winter In North Carolina Forests, by Rosa Kurtz Mullet

    Rod and Staff Publishers, Inc.
    Crockett, Kentucky 41413

Your footprints tell a story
Of paths you walked today:
In right or wrong you traveled;
The down- or up-ward way.

Your footprints will be followed,
So watch the steps you make.
Don’t lead your little brother
The down-ward way to take.

Make footprints and be careful
To keep right on the way
That Jesus took before you;
Just trust Him and obey.

A verse to hide in your heart

“My foot hath held his steps, his way have I kept, and not declined.”* (Job 23:11)