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What Am I?

Fill in the missing words of the poem with the words in bold below to find out what kind of creature I am.

  • abstain—to keep oneself from doing something
  • aestivate—a sleep, like hibernation, in the summer
  • beset—to attack
  • conceal—hide
  • created
  • duplicated—a copy
  • gear—clothes or armor
  • hot
  • hibernate—to sleep for many weeks during the winter
  • hue—color
  • light
  • meal
  • native—belonging to a certain place
  • pet
  • snout—the nose and jaws of an animal
  • stay—to satisfy hunger for a while

A native of the Old World, but
Found sometimes in the New,
I only grow up to a foot—
A speckled, gray-brown ______.

I satisfy my hunger pains
By hunting in the night;
Eating small mammals, birds, and snakes,
To stay me through day’s ______.

My tail and ears and legs are short,
Though I have a long ______,
With which I dig for ants and such
And elsewise knock about.

Because most enemies abstain
From making me their ______,
I have no fear of being seen,
Nor grunts and coughs conceal.

But when in danger I roll up
And cactus-like appear—
Only such creatures as the fox
Can overcome my ______.

When food is scarce I aestivate
In places where it’s ______;
In colder climes I hibernate
While winter’s storms are fought.

I can be tamed quite easily,
And am sometimes a ______,
To rid folks’ home of insects and
Other house pests beset.

Some of my traits are similar
To others’ God ______,
But all of them combined in one?
None have them duplicated.