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Think Deeper: The Price of Disobedience

There is somebody else who is waiting for you to disobey, too. He hates you and wants to drag your soul to hell. He has a lot of servants who are waiting for you, too. Some of these are people who will tempt you to do things that you know are wrong. Others want to trap you and get you into crime and drugs and lots of other trouble.

But you probably think you are really smart, just like Mark thought. Hell is full of smart people, who disobeyed. Will you miss out on all the blessings of heaven just to have your own way? What a terrible price to pay!

Look at the list below. These are the sad endings of some people mentioned in the Bible. Can you guess who they were? The first letter of their name is given. On the right of each name you can read a special blessing each could have had. What did they do to lose it?

Price for DisobedienceNameBlessing Lost
Fell down dead (Acts 5:5)A__________God's supply for all his needs
Killed himself (1 Samuel 31:4)S__________A kingdom protected by God
Killed his brother (Genesis 4:10)C__________God's favor and blessing
Hung himself (Matthew 27:5)J__________Being a disciple of Jesus

The Bible tells us that “the wages of sin is death.”* (Romans 6:23) Sin is choosing to disobey and rebel against God. God is the giver of life and happiness. If we turn from Him and go our own way, we are choosing death and misery. Ever since Adam and Eve, people have been choosing the way of death. But God so loves us, that He made a way to rescue us from the terrible price of disobedience. Jesus came to take away our sins, and give us eternal life.

Today you have a choice of life or death. Because of our sins, we were all heading for eternal death in hell. God sent Jesus to bring us back to life by taking the disobedience out of us, if we will turn from our sins and seek His forgiveness. Are you truly sorry for disobeing? Do you want a new heart of obedience? Jesus can do that for you. He did it for me.