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The Duck Story

We have two ducks in our backyard. One day, after their time swimming in the wheelbarrow, Papa and I tossed them back into their pen. Then we went inside to see what Mama was doing. A few minutes passed and I looked out the window. One duck was covered in blood! We ran outside to see what was the matter. It looked like it had cut its wing on some chicken wire. Papa told me to go get rubbing alcohol and cotton balls. He cleaned up the wound, but it wouldn’t stop bleeding. Papa said a little prayer. “Dear God,” he said, “I know its just a duck, but You can stop the bleeding.” Then he told me to go get some medical tape to wrap the wing. When I came back out the bleeding had stopped. We let the duck flap around, and her wing seemed just fine! And now it looked like nothing had happened. I know God healed the duck.

—AutumnGrace, age 9