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A Place for Prayer

Do you know that God cares?

Whether our needs are big or small, God wants us to talk to Him and ask for His help. When good things happen, it pleases God that we are thankful. Let’s remember to pray for one another, too!


Please pray for my little foster brother, Mac. He has a bad cold and it hurts him. And for me to have love and patience for him. Also, please pray for my dog. She has an infection in her eye.

—AutumnGrace, almost 10

Pray for me not to aggravate my brother. That I will remember to go tell Mommy and Daddy instead.

—Kaden, age 6


Let’s remember to give thanks for the everyday abundance that the Lord has given us! We are thankful for the harvest, and that Papa has good work. And for our food, clothes, and beds.

—the Williams

God helped me not to run in the road when I woke up from my nap.

—Josiah, age 2

I am thankful that God helped me be strong when I was born, when everyone thought I would be sick and weak.

—Judah, age 4

I was wanting some brothers and sisters, and God has placed a 2-year-old and 3-year-old with us. And maybe a 5-year-old. It is fun to have little people in our home!

—AutumnGrace, almost 10

I’m thankful that my dad didn’t get hurt any worse. He was flying a bamboo hang glider and landed sideways. He hurt his knee, but I’m glad he didn’t hurt it any worse.

I’m thankful that my little brother helps me with my chores.

—Kaden, age 6

Praise the Lord for providing money to roof the Bible Center in Makindu! The Lord has helped with the slow building process, and helped the walls to get completed this summer. The Lawrence family hopes to get the roof up before the fall rains. Please continue to pray for them as they minister to the needy people around them. For updates and photos, see the blog: livingwaterbarrenland.blogspot.com