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Have you made mistakes or lost something? God cares about the problems we have—read how He helped these children find treasures in their troubles! Are you ready to ask Him to help you, too? I hope we can print your story next!

Do you have an experience to tell? Just write to me and I will help you write it up!—email Miss Laura

My Sewing Mistake

I started sewing a jumper and I cut out the pattern pieces. Well, what I didn’t realize is that I didn’t cut the skirt on the fold so it was very small. So I finished part of the top, and I went and asked Momma what was wrong. That was when I realized that I didn’t cut it on a fold. I started crying a bit in frustration, because I really wanted to wear something new. Well, I realized that God didn’t want me to wear that dress. He gave me perfect peace about it. Later our grandparents gave me some money for clothing. I’m thankful for all the ways He provides for our needs. : )

—Isabella, age 12