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The Truth Test

As a child I lied to get out of trouble. After Jesus changed my heart I always wanted to tell the truth, but one time I got tested. I was working with my aunt on a housecleaning job and we were both getting tired and thirsty. I went to get something to drink and there was only one juice pack left. “I’ll give this to Auntie and just have water,” I decided. When I handed it to her, she asked if I already got my juice. “Yes,” I said, without even thinking. As I went back to work, I had a battle to fight. I didn’t want to tell my aunt that I had lied to her. Maybe she wouldn’t trust me anymore! But then God reminded me that it was more important to tell the truth, even than what she would think of me. He gave me the courage to tell my aunt what had happened. I am so glad that I did!

—Aunt Laura