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Money for Bunny

I have been wanting a rabbit so I was trying to earn money. I had some but I still needed more. One day, Mama told me that if I caught stink bugs (in the house), she would pay me 25 cents for alive skink bugs and 10 cents for dead stink bugs. Me, Bonnie, Becca and Promise got a bottle and went and looked and caught 60 stink bugs!

I had more money. About 6 weeks later, the girls were washing out thier rabbit tractors. I washed up another pen and got it ready for bunnies. I had to pay Mama and Poppa $50 for the pen. Then I bought a water bottle. I built feeders too!

Then I got a BUNNY! Her name is Trinity. I like feeding her kale and salad and sometimes she bites me! And she is skittish. I am making her friendly so she isn’t scared of me. I like her.

—Yeremae, 8