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A Place for Prayer

Do you know that God cares?

Whether our needs are big or small, God wants us to talk to Him and ask for His help. When good things happen, it pleases God that we are thankful. Let’s remember to pray for each other!

Requests and Thanksgivings

I was praying for a playhouse because we didn’t have one and I kept seeing them in people’s yards and wishing for one. Then one day a lady came by our house and dropped off a play house. She was one of our customers. God used her to give us a playhouse!

My cousin Jimmy was playing in our driveway and he went up on the road. A car stopped and helped Auntie Kaeley get him. I was out there, but was not watching closely enough. The Lord used that to teach me that I need to pay close attention to the little ones when we are playing outside.

—Anna Christine, 6

One day our family went fishing on the North Umpqua river. Jedi was trying to climb on the tree roots but he couldn’t get up. Daddy was fishing, but he didn’t catch anything, so after a picnic supper we went home.

Another day we went to Wildlife Safari and we saw a cougar eating. That was my favorite part. We also saw a huge snake and lions very close. We walked all around and saw monkeys jumping all around. Wildlife Safari is a neat place to visit!

—Sophia Joan, 4

I have been learning that foster kids have lots of issues. I am learning that sometimes they won’t be nice to me. I have to make them happy and share with them. I have been playing ring-around-the-rosey and picking up flowers with them when it is nice outside. My favorite thing is to play dolls with my little foster sister. Please pray that I will have more good times with them.

—Emily, 6

Please pray for our children and outreach ministries here in India.

—Pastor Paramjyothi

We were planning to go to family camp, but then everyone in my family but me got sick. We kept praying and we thought we weren’t able to go. But on Friday morning we were able to go and got there before lunch! We had lots of fun!

—Lillian, 10

Praying for Snow

With summertime coming, why would we request praying for Snow? Snow is a nurse in the NICU who took care of our little brother, Tyndale, last August. She was from an Oriental country and she was very friendly to us. When my dad and mom left with Tyndale on the last day, they left a package for Snow with a story book about a Christian family who had a very tiny baby in a NICU for a very, very long time. Over eight months later my mom got a text from Snow. She thanked us for the book and said she really loved reading it. She said she really learned a lot from their beliefs. We know God is working in her heart and ask you to help pray for her salvation.

—Liesel, 9