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Bible Go Fish Game

Bible Go Fish Game

Do you memorize Bible verses and wish there was a fun way to review and practice them? Then you might like this game! It works well for 3 or more players or teams. Children who can’t read yet can team up with players who can.

To Make the Game Cards:

  • Get or make cards that are all the same size and color.
  • Plan how each of the Bible verse(s) that you are memorizing can be written on 2 or more cards.
  • Print neatly and proofread to make sure everything is written correctly.
  • Put the reference on a seperate card.
  • Draw a circle in the corner of each of the cards and write 1 in each circle (to show they all belong together).
  • Write a second verse (or set of verses) on another set of cards. Write 2 on those cards.
  • When you have 4 or 5 sets of cards, you are ready to play.

How to Play the Game:

1. Shuffle cards.

2. Pass out 4 to 8 cards per player or team. The remaining cards go in the GO FISH! pile.

3. To start the game, the first player chooses one of their verse cards to quote. Other players can help them remember and recite it.

4. If anyone has one of the cards to their set, they must give the cards to them. If not, then you should GO FISH! (take a card from the pile). If there are a lot of cards, take 2 more cards each time you finish your turn. Players who give out cards can also replace them from the pile. Don’t let anyone run out of cards!

5. Then the next player or team has a turn to recite one of their card sets.

6. When the verses are all collected, each player or team can recite one of their collections while the rest listen. That’s how you play BIBLE GO FISH!

Tips: For an easy game, any cards that belong to a set someone has already quoted are handed over when they are pulled from the pile. For a harder game (and more practice), players have to keep requoting the verse on their turn to get the missing cards. Sometims another player who pulls a missing card might quote it and take the whole set—that is part of the fun!

Do you have a fun game that you want to share with the rest of us? We’d like to hear about it!