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Let Me Tell You…

How Good God Is

God is soooooo good to us. He faithfully guides us along a STRAIGHT and narrow path. He talks to us words of comfort to cheer us up when we’re lonely or sad, He is the Comforter. Man can’t ever comfort or love us the way God can. He is the Prince of Peace giving us peace through the stormy sea of life, the Mighty God holding us always by the hand, never failing us when we fall, the Counselor always giving us counsel when we need it, Wonderful (it’s too great to explain how wonderful He is), His name is also Emmanuel, meaning “God with us.” God is ALWAYS with us unless we fail to obey and please Him which I do NOT want to do! I want to do right and serve the Lord faithfully and whole-heartedly and make it in. The Word is SUCH a blessing at all times! It comforts and encourages us! It gives us strength along the way! It teaches us how to serve the Lord. There are so many things it does for us!

Serving the Lord,
—Age 11, BC, Canada