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Letter to a Little Princess

Dear Princess,

There was once a sweet, little Princess Precious who lived in the King’s palace. She ate from the King’s table with all the other princesses and was kind to each one. She obeyed Mother Matron all the time so her golden gown of obedience had no ugly black holes.

One fine morning Princess Precious was in a mighty big hurry getting dressed. She tossed on her crown of love, but didn’t have time to adjust her veil of quietness. She almost forgot to slip on her ring of kindness, too, but just in time she snatched it from the dresser. Princess Kind-to-All had planned a party and Precious didn’t want to be late. She bounded down the steps, quite unlike a princess, and did not notice her ring fall to the floor.

Soon all the princesses were gathered, but Princess Precious felt irritable. When Princess Joy showed her the new doll Mother Matron had given her, Precious wished she had a new one too. Princess Precious had a very nice doll, but it was not new, so she felt sulky.

“Don’t give me the chipped cup,” said Princess Precious sharply when Princess Charity handed out the tea cups. “And I don’t want one that has faded flowers, either.”

“I’ll take the chipped one,” Princess Unselfish said softly.

Just then Princess Kind-to-All came in with a big tray of lovely scones with whipped cream and strawberries on top! As she passed them around, every princess picked one. Princess Precious thought, “Those scones are awfully small—I’ll take two.” As she grabbed the two biggest, her crown of love slipped off the back of her head, and Precious began eating without even saying “thank you.” Suddenly she saw that Kind-to-All looked very sad—there was not a single scone left for her! Precious felt very ashamed and hung her head, and instead of seeing “Princess Precious” written on her gown, she saw the name “Princess Greedy.”

“Princess Greedy,” Mother Matron said gently, taking her aside, “something is wrong. You are thinking only of yourself. What happened to your crown of love for others? Where is your ring of kindness? I think we must talk to King Jesus about it.”

Princess Greedy blinked back the tears as she came before the King’s throne. “I am sorry I have b-been so selfish,” she began. Being greedy did not make her happy at all.

“Dear Precious,” King Jesus said kindly, “I forgive you. Don’t you think I gave you your clothes for you to wear them? I want my princesses to be happy, but that means you must take the time to get ready each day. Why don’t we put on your crown and ring again?”

Princess Precious nodded humbly as she knelt down, and over her crown King Jesus spread the veil of quietness. How much better everything was when she was dressed like she should be!

With Love,
Aunt Grace