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Dear Princess, Number 6 (Summer 1998) | Timeless Truths Publications

Laying All at His Feet

Getting acquainted with Angela Joy LeFevre

Please tell us about yourself.

My full name is Angela Joy LeFevre. I am 5’ 3 1/2” tall. I have dark, reddish-brown hair, green-blue eyes and glasses.

My birthday is March 26, 1982.

Some of my interests are: spending time with animals, singing, playing the guitar and piano, letter writing, cooking, sewing, and ice skating.

I am so thankful the Lord has given me the ability to do all these things. I know I take it for granted, at times, being able to use my hands and eyes and all the senses God has given us. We are truly blessed.

My goal in life is to follow after the Lord with all my heart. I desire to be a humble servant for Him, and to truly be the Proverbs 31 woman. I know there is so much the Lord has for me and I don’t want to settle for anything less than He wants for my life.

As far as what I want to do with my life, I have felt a real desire and burden for the people in Mexico. I have a desire to go down and serve the people and share God’s love with them. For now, the Lord has taught me to be content right where I am. Our homes are training grounds for our future lives. I would also like to marry and have children if that is what the Lord has planned for me. It is so wonderful and such a peace for me to leave my life ahead of me in God’s hands. I sometimes start to worry about my future life, and about how everything will work out and come to pass, but if we lay all that down at His feet, and our will is lost in His, He will work everything out in our life.

What has been your schooling experience?

I have been homeschooled all of my life, except for a year in kindergarten. It is so wonderful that we have the freedom to homeschool in our country. It is so nice to be all together and not separated by public school systems. It also allows us a lot of freedom we otherwise would not have.

Could you please tell us about a typical day at your home, or maybe an unusual one?

Well, I will try to tell you about a typical day at our home. Every day certainly isn’t the same, but we basically keep to the same schedule. I usually get up at 5:15, get washed and freshened up and do my exercising, etc. I then have an hour of quiet time which ends around 7:15. All the children are awakened between 6:30 and 7:00. I then do my chores outside and fix my hair. Between 7:30 and 8:00 we start school. At 9:15 we all flock to the living room for prayer and sharing time, and then at 10:00 we prepare and eat breakfast. (We only eat two meals a day, besides some fruit everyone eats when they get up.) Following breakfast, I clean up the kitchen, and everyone else does their morning chores—sweeping the floors, emptying the garbage and trash, picking up toys, and running the carpet sweeper, etc. After that we continue on with school. Usually I am done with my school by 1:30. (Sometimes earlier, sometimes later, depending on the day.) At 1:30 the five little ones lie down and take their naps. The house seems nice and quiet then!

I usually write letters, go outside, cross-stitch, do some cleaning, play guitar, or whatever else needs to be done during nap time. Between 3:00 and 3:30, the children get up from their naps, and then we start dinner. (depending on the meal, we start earlier.) We then eat at 4:00 and Dylan cleans the kitchen after dinner. We then fill in the time we have left until bed with just being together as a family, reading, devotions, and finishing up anything we want to accomplish before the day is over. At 8:00 the children are tucked in bed, and then we older children go to our own rooms, and have time for ourselves, for reading, writing letters, or whatever we want to do that is quiet. Between 9:00 and 9:30 I go to bed.

Is there any special blessing that the Lord has blessed you with that you would like to share?

That is a very hard question! The Lord has done so much in my life and in our family, that I don’t really know where to start. I guess the biggest thing God has done is bringing our family together. It is such a long story, I wouldn’t have enough room to write it all down, but I will try to get the basics across.

To start with, the birth mother of my brother and myself passed away when we were little. The Lord then brought Mom and Dad together, and they were married! A couple of years later they were blessed with my little sister, Hannah. We were living in Arizona at this time and Dad and Mom felt the leading to move to Ohio. So Dad put in an application for a job, and eventually in 1990 we moved.

A couple of years later we signed up for foster care with a possibility of adoption. In 1992, the Lord blessed us with Grace, who we picked up from the hospital when she was three days old. A couple years later, we adopted Charlotte, Grace’s sister. The Lord worked so much. The social workers told us that there was a very good chance these girls would be slow and unhealthy, but we started praying, and praise the Lord, He intervened. They are perfectly normal girls.

After that the Lord blessed us with half-brothers. That is a very long story, but we finally adopted them. Lord worked in them and through us in a very powerful way. Even at times when we were all stressed out, sick, and on the verge of tears, God gave us the strength. We look back now, and wonder how we ever did it, but we really didn’t do it—the Lord did it through us.

Please tell us about your family.

Daddy is the spiritual leader and head of our family. He has an outgoing personality and he is very friendly, always there to encourage, guide, and give us a helping hand. God has blessed him with a wonderful job and schedule. He is a wonderful provider for our family. I am so thankful to have a father that loves the Lord and is seeking Him with his whole heart.

Mommy is a homemaker and a great blessing to our family. She is more of a quieter person, but has her very outgoing and funny times. I am so thankful the Lord has blessed me with her. I learn from her spirit every day. The Lord has used her in so many ways to reveal areas of struggle in my life. Mom always seems to have a word of encouragement for others, and the Lord has given her a lot of discernment and wisdom.

Dylan (17) has more of a quiet, serious manner, but when he’s around us, and people he knows really well, he can be quite outgoing and funny. He loves to play the piano and sing. He is learning the banjo and guitar and the Lord is giving him songs which he is writing. He is working as a full-time carpenter and he enjoys the work.

I am more of a quiet person, but can be outgoing around people I know really well, also. As I said before, I love music and singing, and I also love anything that has to do with animals. I love to organize and I like for things to be just perfect.

Hannah (10) has a very bubbly, outgoing personality. She loves to read. And she likes to make and do things for people. She loves to play and has a very good imagination. She also loves babies and is good with watching children. She continues to grow in the Lord, and desires to please Him.

Bryan (8) was adopted last year and we all love him very much. He has a very outgoing personality, and he loves to help others. He is ready to give of himself, and he is always there to help in any way he can. He is fascinated with calendars and dates and has a splendid memory. He also loves to memorize scripture verses. There have been times where he has told his friends their father’s birthday when they couldn’t remember themselves!

Paul (6) was also adopted last year. He can be very loud and silly, but when he is around other people, he is more shy and timid. He is very good with the smaller children, and he loves to cuddle up in someone’s lap and have books read to him. He also loves to brush our hair. He has such a smile, that when he smiles, you can hardly resist from smiling back.

Grace (5) has a very outgoing “go-get-’em” type personality. She loves to talk, and you have to be careful what you say around her, because she will repeat what she hears! She seems to have a real talent for music, and is always humming, singing, or whistling. She sings right on pitch and can carry a melody very well.

Ken (4) was adopted along with Bryan and Paul. He has an outgoing personality, and is very observant. He likes cowboy things, and one day he asked Mom if she could buy him some cowboy sweatpants! He loves to pray during prayer time, and he also loves to recite scripture verses he has learned.

Charlotte (3) is quite a small, petite little girl, and has a beautiful, radiant smile. She loves to run and play, and is very sweet. She reminds me of one of those Precious Moments characters.

Mikailah (15 mo.) is a real joy and blessing to our family. We were all so surprised last year when Mom told us she was going to have a baby, after not having one for nine years! Mikailah can say about everything now, and she loves to dance to music and praise the Lord. She adds a lot of fun and laughter to our family.

Do you have a favorite recipe or poem that you would share with us?

That is a very hard decision; I guess I will share one of the poems that has been an encouragement to me:

The Road Is Too Rough

Olga J. Weiss

“The road is too rough,” I said, “Dear Lord,
There are stones that hurt me so.”
And He said, “Dear child, I understand,
I walked it long ago.”

“But there’s a cool, green path,” I said.
“Let me walk there for a time.”
“No, child,” He gently answered me,
“The green road does not climb.”

“My burden,” I said, It is far too great;
How can I bear it so?”
“My child,” said He, “I remember its weight,
I carried My cross, you know.

But I said, “I wish there were friends with me,
Who would make my way their own.”
“Ah, yes,” He said, “Gethsemane
Was hard to face alone.”

And so I climbed the stony path,
Content at last to know
That where my Master had not gone,
I would not need to go.

And strangely then I found new friends,
The burden grew less sore;
And I remembered—long ago,
He went that way before.

In conclusion is there anything else you would like to add?

I am so thankful for all the Lord has done for me and in my life. He is so faithful! I just want to encourage each one of you to seek the Lord above all else and with your whole hearts. He is showing me the fullness of all He has for all of us. We need to know Him for who He is.

May the Lord bless each one of you as you seek Him.

In His love,