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Foundation Truth, Number 12 (Summer 2005)

December 1, 2005

Foundation Truth, Number 12 (Summer 2005) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2005 Zion
It is all uphill to the top of the mountains. Also, for people to flow together in this manner, they must melt. There are a whole lot of things that can only work in the Bible pattern if the melting occurs.
Foundation Truth, Number 17 (Spring 2007)

June 1, 2007

Foundation Truth, Number 17 (Spring 2007) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2007 Zion
So then I turned from the One who loved me the most and severed the last tie of my salvation. I promise you that it was not the most happy time in my life. It was the darkest. And the most hurtful. God left me alone pretty much.
The Travail of Zion

July 1, 2015

The Travail of Zion | Beverly Carradine, 1910 Zion
Travail is one of the sharpest pains known in the physical realm.... [God] applies it to the church, and says that such a suffering, burden, and agonizing cry must come on His people, before sons and daughters are born unto Him.