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Foundation Truth, Number 10 (Summer 2004)

September 11, 2004

Foundation Truth, Number 10 (Summer 2004) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2004 Examination
"Can I find, do you think, one answer, one description, which will suit you all—fisherman, mothers, boys and girls, artists, merchants, gentlemen, the old man and the little child? Yes, I can.... Each of you, without exception, might write this—I am a servant.
Foundation Truth, Number 17 (Spring 2007)

June 1, 2007

Foundation Truth, Number 17 (Spring 2007) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2007 Examination
So then I turned from the One who loved me the most and severed the last tie of my salvation. I promise you that it was not the most happy time in my life. It was the darkest. And the most hurtful. God left me alone pretty much.
Foundation Truth, Number 32 (Summer 2013)

September 1, 2013

Foundation Truth, Number 32 (Summer 2013) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2013 Examination
In the world of professing Christianity, there is hardly anything but counterfeit money.... The command to try the spirits is only possible for people that have the true Spirit, else it is only people comparing the false with the false, i.e., counterfeit with counterfeit.
Having a Spiritual Congregation

March 2, 2010

Having a Spiritual Congregation | Charles E. Orr Examination
To make this still plainer and more comprehensive, a preacher is to be so filled with Christ and have the Spirit of discernment that he will never let a soul up from the altar until he knows that soul has been forgiven of God.
The Travail of Zion

July 1, 2015

The Travail of Zion | Beverly Carradine, 1910 Examination
Travail is one of the sharpest pains known in the physical realm.... [God] applies it to the church, and says that such a suffering, burden, and agonizing cry must come on His people, before sons and daughters are born unto Him.
Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 31 (July 2004)

August 1, 2004

Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 31 (July 2004) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2004 Examination
How do you think you can show that you love God? Not by saying things with your lips. Anyone can do that. Think instead about saying things with your hands and feet today. Will you give God your time and energy and please Him in every way you can?
Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 36 (September 2005)

December 17, 2005

Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 36 (September 2005) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2005 Examination
Daniel rolled his eyes and walked off. I don't like Robert and I don't want to be his friend, Daniel thought. I guess I'm really prejudiced. Maybe if I found a box of Robert's drawings I would burn them. Hitler burned people's things. Daniel frowned.
Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 70 (Spring 2016)

June 1, 2016

Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 70 (Spring 2016) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2016 Examination
Blameless means without fault. You can only live that way by giving up your own ideas and trusting Jesus with everything. Even if others aren't behaving. Even when it seems like your job is too big.... If Jesus wants you to do it, you can ask Him for everything you need!
Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 74 (Spring 2018)

June 1, 2018

Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 74 (Spring 2018) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2018 Examination
"Haul all this mucky mess to the manure pile—through the front," Uncle Jerry said firmly. He walked toward the house. Tommy's heart sank. Uncle Jerry stopped and looked over his shoulder. "A man of character faces the hard work and conquers it," he said.
Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 8 (August 2000)

August 2, 2003

Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 8 (August 2000) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2000 Examination
"Push," said Josh. Timothy sighed. He pushed Josh a little bit. "More," said Josh. Then a thought came to Timothy. If he pushed Josh very hard, Josh might get scared. He would cry. He would want to go to Mother. And Timothy could play by himself!
Why Weepest Thou?

April 1, 2015

Why Weepest Thou? | Beverly Carradine, 1899 Examination
Of all the things that He might have said, perhaps no more beautiful, blessed, needful, and significant speech could have been made by Him to His sorrowing disciples—and, beyond them, to the struggling, battling Church in all ages, and even to the sinful world itself.