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Dear Princess, Number 9 (Spring 1999)

November 29, 2003

Dear Princess, Number 9 (Spring 1999) | Timeless Truths Publications, 1999 Modesty
Take everything to the Word of God and measure it to see whether it be of God or man. If it doesn't line up... then we know that it isn't truth. What better guide do we have than the Word of God? We cannot go wrong if we bring everything and measure it to the Bible.
Dear Princess, Number 3 (Summer 1997)

February 22, 2003

Dear Princess, Number 3 (Summer 1997) | Timeless Truths Publications, 1997 Trust
The Lord doesn't do things under pressure. He just refuses to. We aren't going to help the Lord by trying to hurry things up a bit. The longer we try to "make it work," the longer the Lord leaves us alone with our problem.
Dear Princess, Number 1 (November 1996)

January 25, 2003

Dear Princess, Number 1 (November 1996) | Timeless Truths Publications, 1996 Patience
There are two different ways to wait for something. You can nag and complain.... The other way is to wait patiently until it is finished. If it's some long-term thing it helps not think about it constantly. This is not easy to do unless you ask the Lord to help you.