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Learning Spiritual Lessons

September 1, 2015

Learning Spiritual Lessons | George D. Watson, 1898 Discipline
We acquire physical knowledge through our senses.... We obtain intellectual knowledge by the exercise of reason.... We gain spiritual knowledge through the operation of revealed truth and the agency of the inner spiritual being.
Dear Princess, Number 11 (Fall 1999)

February 15, 2004

Dear Princess, Number 11 (Fall 1999) | Timeless Truths Publications, 1999 Obedience
We also each have the town in front of us that God calls us to walk in. What is the town? It is God's way. It seems dark, uncertain, not promising a light, easy life. It calls us to give up our choice things—the things, people, places that are most dear to our hearts.
Apprehending God

June 1, 2019

Apprehending God | Aiden W. Tozer, 1948 Vision
We apprehend the physical world by exercising the faculties given us for the purpose, and we possess spiritual faculties by means of which we can know God and the spiritual world if we will obey the Spirit's urge and begin to use them.
Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 72 (Summer 2017)

August 1, 2017

Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 72 (Summer 2017) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2017 Warning
We can easily jump to conclusions when we know only a few things about a subject. What if your Mom isn't in the kitchen. Does that mean she went shopping? No. ...facts might help you come to the right conclusion, but even then you could be wrong.
The Blessing of Cheerfulness

June 1, 2020

The Blessing of Cheerfulness | James R. Miller, 1895 Encouragement
We cannot put too great emphasis upon the duty of giving happiness and cheer to others. But it is no less a duty that we should be happy and cheerful ourselves. All our efforts to lighten another's load will be limited unless they spring from a source of joy within.
Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 65 (Summer 2014)

September 1, 2014

Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 65 (Summer 2014) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2014 Abiding
We can only have spiritual life if Jesus is flowing through us. You see, being a Christian is not following a bunch of rules or trying to be good all the time. We are just branches. We must stay connected to Jesus. That's what "abide" means.
Five Reasons Why I Do Not Seek the Gift of Tongues

July 1, 2008

Five Reasons Why I Do Not Seek the Gift of Tongues | Elmer E. Shelhamer Warning
We do not for one moment deny that there is a gift of tongues.... I would not dare do as many brethren, who denounce the entire Tongues movement as of the devil. I have found some of these people nearer heaven than some who oppose them.
Finding the Way

March 1, 2018

Finding the Way | James R. Miller, 1904 Guidance
We have the privilege to pray, "Show me the way I should go," and expect to be answered. There will be a Hand extended to guide us, to open the path for us, and to help us over the hard pinches of the road.
How I Learned to Pray for the Lost

March 1, 2011

How I Learned to Pray for the Lost | Anonymous/Unknown Prayer
We may say that each one is actually God's purchased possession, although still held by the enemy. We must through the prayer of faith, claim and take for God, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, that which is rightfully His.

September 18, 2004

Subdued | George D. Watson, 1924 Humility
We must be subdued, not merely in our own opinion, not merely think ourselves subdued... but subdued so perfectly that the all-seeing eye of God can look us through, and the omniscient One knows that we are subdued.
Foundation Truth, Number 24 (Spring 2010)

May 2, 2010

Foundation Truth, Number 24 (Spring 2010) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2010 Light
We must know the greater power of God.... We cannot know this power if we are not willing to call good, good and evil, evil. If we will not agree with God's thinking about things, we will simply have a man-made religion.
The Extraordinarily Appropriate Gift

March 22, 2003

The Extraordinarily Appropriate Gift | Mark P. Spinks, 2002 Jesus/Savior
We needed someone like this—oh, how we needed and do need Him! He has exactly what we need. He is not too high and beyond our reach, and He is not too low. We needed someone holy who could make us holy and keep us holy.
The Key to Peace

April 13, 2004

The Key to Peace | A. Marie Miles, 1978 Bible/Word
We need to search the Scriptures to find out how to live pleasing to the Lord in this world. We can't do this within ourselves. God had a plan for us by sending Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our salvation, so through Christ we can live right.
Having the Mind of Christ

October 1, 2018

Having the Mind of Christ | James R. Miller, 1903 Consecration
We say we want to be like Christ.... But what do we mean by being like Christ? Are we not in danger of getting into our vision of it, merely an easy kind of life, a gentle piety, a dainty charity, a fashionable holiness, a pleasing service?
Foundation Truth, Number 31 (Winter 2013)

January 1, 2013

Foundation Truth, Number 31 (Winter 2013) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2013 Light
We want to be among and a part of a people where the Holy Ghost is ruling in and through each member.... And we want to detect and submit to the Holy Ghost in each person, in whatever capacity the Holy Ghost sees fit to work in those who have Him indwelling.
Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 57 (Summer 2012)

July 1, 2012

Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 57 (Summer 2012) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2012 Salvation
"What are you going to cut?" Mikal wanted to know. "A new home for our little trees," said Uncle Gene. "You see, grafting is like adoption. These little sticks are like children that are going to be adopted. We are going to choose a good home for them on this tree...."
Sorry I Got Caught

August 22, 2010

Sorry I Got Caught | Mark P. Spinks, 2010 Repentance
"What do you have, Mark?... Did you get that in that store?" "No." I was concentrating fiercely on outwitting my watchful, determined Mom—too focused to realize that I was now not only a thief, but a liar, too.
Remember Now Thy Creator

October 1, 2010

Remember Now Thy Creator | Ostis B. Wilson, Jr., 2010 Youth
Whatever it takes for you to save your soul, whatever sacrifices you may have to make, whatever the cost may be, whatever you may have to deny yourself.... This life is just a little while. Eternity is a long time.
The Daily Cross

April 1, 2014

The Daily Cross | George D. Watson, 1896 Trials
What is our daily cross? It is those things in our lives that produce suffering of body, mind, or heart. It is those things which in our poor judgment seem to hinder the easy flow of our religious life.... Were there no suffering at all, then there would be no cross at all.
When the Song Begins

July 1, 2019

When the Song Begins | James R. Miller, 1905 Joy
What is the secret? When does the song begin? What is it that gives to the believer in God this quenchless joy? In the record of the opening of the temple by Hezekiah we find a sentence which suggests the answer.
Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 63 (Winter 2014)

March 1, 2014

Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 63 (Winter 2014) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2014 Warning
What should you do when the devil sneaks up with bad thoughts or tells you that you'll be happier if you disobey?... The only way to win is to "resist steadfast in the faith." Will you believe in God's love and power more than anything else?
In Our Father's Hands

June 1, 2017

In Our Father’s Hands | James R. Miller, 1903 Assurance
When Jesus said, "My Father is the husbandman," He was communicating to His disciples that the care of their lives is in the hands of God, whose name is Love.... There is no "chance"—all things are under control of God's infinite wisdom and love.
One with Christ

May 1, 2017

One with Christ | J. Hudson Taylor, 1869 Communion
When my agony of soul was at its height, a sentence in a letter from dear McCarthy was used to remove the scales from my eyes, and the Spirit of God revealed the truth of our oneness with Jesus as I had never known it before.
Just Mary

December 27, 2003

Just Mary | Effie M. Williams Biography
When the train pulled out from the station, taking Elsie and little Mary back to their own home, he laid his head on his mother's shoulder and sobbed as only a twelve-year-old boy can sob. Peachy had found a place in his heart which no one else could fill.
Divorce and Marriage

January 16, 2005

Divorce and Marriage | James B. Graham, Jr. Marriage
When we viewed the blighting effects of divorce... and became convicted that we and others had spoken all too glibly about "Scriptural grounds for divorce" without any very careful study... we set ourselves to discover the truth.
Yield Not to Discouragement

September 1, 2009

Yield Not to Discouragement | Fred Pruitt Encouragement
When you yield to discouragement, by that act you are saying that you do not believe God's Word, and you have listened to Satan's lying vanities and put yourself out of the reach of God's mercy until you confess and repent from the heart.
Foundation Truth, Number 14 (Summer 2006)

September 1, 2006

Foundation Truth, Number 14 (Summer 2006) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2006 Holy Spirit
Whether we are stable or easily unravel, stiff or delicate, able to stretch to meet a life of continual strain or remaining constant in places of high demand, His purposes surpass our understanding. Will we be but yielding fabric in the Master's hands?
Helps to Holy Living

January 17, 2004

Helps to Holy Living | Charles E. Orr Holiness
Who among us has an eye to see all that belongs to the Christian life? Are there not yet some glorious things lying out beyond the boundary of our vision? Oh, for the open eye to see the wondrous things God has prepared for them that love Him!
Stories Worth Rereading

September 25, 2004

Stories Worth Rereading | Various, 1913 Story
"Why do you rub at the knives forever?" asked Mary. Mary was the cook. "Because they are in my corner," Georgia said, brightly. " 'You in your small corner,' you know, 'and I in mine.' I will do the best I can; that is all I can do."
The Chocolate Soldier

July 1, 2022

The Chocolate Soldier | Charles T. Studd, 1912 Warfare
Will you be to Christ the partner of His throne or a vomit-inducing emetic? A Militant or a Chocolate Christian? Will you fear or will you fight? Shall your brethren go to war and shall you sit here? When He comes, shall He find faith on the earth?
Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 60 (Spring 2013)

May 1, 2013

Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 60 (Spring 2013) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2013 Submission
"Will you die and live with Jesus?" asked Ryan. "That's what Grandma did. Mommy said so." Paige frowned. She didn't think she'd live with Jesus if she was being stubborn and sneaky.... Maybe she'd better not die, after all.
Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 7 (June 2000)

May 31, 2003

Treasures of the Kingdom, Number 7 (June 2000) | Timeless Truths Publications, 2000 Love
"Won't fight, huh." Eric gave his twisted arm a yank which brought another cry of pain from Johnny. "When I tell you to fight, you better fight! Or you'll wish you had," he continued grimly. Peter laughed with glee. "Get him, Eric. He's too scared to fight!"
Would Our Way Be Better?

March 25, 2020

Would Our Way Be Better? | James R. Miller, 1903 Submission
Would it be better if we could direct all our own affairs?... If we could do so, no doubt many of our circumstances would be quite different.... We would have only prosperities, with no adversities; only joys, with no sorrows. We would exclude all pain and trouble from our life.