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Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior | William H. Doane Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior (A♭) | William H. Doane, 1870 R
Rescue | William H. Doane Rescue (B♭) | William H. Doane, 1870 R
I Am Coming to the Cross | William G. Fischer I Am Coming to the Cross (G) | William G. Fischer, 1871
Pilot | John E. Gould Pilot (B♭) | John E. Gould, 1871
Ellesdie | Wolfgang A. Mozart Ellesdie (A♭) | Wolfgang A. Mozart, 1831
I Shall Be Whiter than Snow | William G. Fischer I Shall Be Whiter than Snow (A) | William G. Fischer, 1872 R
Assurance | Phoebe P. Knapp Assurance (D) | Phoebe P. Knapp, 1873
Cleansing Fountain | American melody Cleansing Fountain (B♭) | American melody, 1874
Golden Key | John R. Sweney Golden Key (E) | John R. Sweney, 1875
Gordon | Adoniram J. Gordon Gordon (F) | Adoniram J. Gordon, 1876
Come Home, Poor Sinner | H. R. Jeffrey Come Home, Poor Sinner (F) | H. R. Jeffrey, 1877
Glory to His Name | John H. Stockton Glory to His Name (A♭) | John H. Stockton, 1879
Sweetly Resting | William W. Bentley Sweetly Resting (E♭) | William W. Bentley, 1879 D
The Half Not Told | Ralph E. Hudson The Half Not Told (C) | Ralph E. Hudson, 1879 D