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Fount of Purity | Joseph C. Fisher Fount of Purity (A) | Joseph C. Fisher, 1885 D
I'm Redeemed | Joseph C. Fisher I’m Redeemed (C) | Joseph C. Fisher, 1884 R
I Ought to Love My Savior | Joseph C. Fisher I Ought to Love My Savior (E♭) | Joseph C. Fisher, 1883
I Will Tell the Wondrous Story | Joseph C. Fisher I Will Tell the Wondrous Story (A) | Joseph C. Fisher, 1885 D
Praise the Lord! | Joseph C. Fisher Praise the Lord! (G) | Joseph C. Fisher, 1885
Reigning in This Life | Joseph C. Fisher Reigning in This Life (A♭) | Joseph C. Fisher, 1885 D
Tarry with Me | Joseph C. Fisher Tarry with Me (A) | Joseph C. Fisher, 1885 D
The All-Cleansing Fountain | Joseph C. Fisher The All-Cleansing Fountain (G♭) | Joseph C. Fisher, 1883 R
The Prodigal's Return | Joseph C. Fisher The Prodigal’s Return (E♭) | Joseph C. Fisher, 1885
The River of Life | Joseph C. Fisher The River of Life (A♭) | Joseph C. Fisher, 1885 R